What is going on here?

Yesterday my buddy and I were riding for about 4 1/2 hours. I on my 05 xr650l and he on his dr650.

Throughout the day we noticed that my bike was showing a few more miles on the odometer than his, by the end of the day nearly 7, although we rode the same distances.

Additionally, my bike ran out of gas long before his did, I had to put on the reserve tank at 66 miles, where he was able to stay off reserve thew whole day.

I should tell you that both bike are completely stock, and have near the same milage on them.

Those were the only two gripes I had all day, the bike ran hard and strong and we had a blast.

Ya'lls input is greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately I cannot speak to your questions, but I do have a question of my own for you. You seem like the ideal person to help me with my dilema. I am torn between buying a new 05 XR650L or an 05 DR650. After spending some time on your XRL and seeinng you buddies DR, if you had it to do over would you still go with the XRL? Or would you go with the DR? Did you get a chance to saddle up on you buddies DR? What did you think? I would be very interested in any advice you can offer in comparing the two bikes.

I did get a chance to ride his bike for a bit. These are my impressions only and keep in mind I am not a super experienced rider.

The DR is a few inches shorter, I can stand flat footed on it, which I fell is a bit more confidence inspiring.

However I like the grunt the XRL has and it seemed the DR was a little lacking on this.

The DR does seem a little more nimble, but this maybe due to my feeling of confidence stated above.

The DR feels a little more suited for longer road trips, except for the seat foam. The thing is friggin' hard!

The DR is oil cooled, with an external oil cooler. I am a fan of the simplicity of the XR. It has been tried and trued over a considerable time. One could say that I am riding a bike with ancient technology, but like I said I like the simplicity. Easier to work on and fewer things to go wrong.

I feel that both bikes are great bikes, but I am glad I stuck with the XRL, it seems a little more capable in the dirt and with more torque, more fun to ride.

I hope this helps you in your decision.


to the fuel issue about the two, the dr650 carries almost a gallon more of fuel in stock trim. as for the odometer issue it could be due to tires. i have yet to find to factory odometers that are exactly the same. :cry:

10% off is a bit off...I woudl say +/-5% would be acceptable. You may have had a lareger then stock tire or much more air in the tire and be on the low side of the tolerance and he could have had a smaller tire or less air and be on the high side of the tolerance. If you want to be able to rely on your distance like for enduros then you need a computer or gps...

If the L uses the same wheel piece as the R...its a crappy piece and can crack and then the thing slips and doesnt show accurate miles.

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