Stator questons on 87 XR600

I just purchased a 87 XR600R. It ran fine until this morning. Could not get it started. Checked for spark (new plug) and no spark.

Since stators seem to be a weak point on these bikes, what is the procedure for checking it (I'll have the factory manual in a few days). This bike has only two leads coming from the stator (blue and black/red), should there be continunity between these two leads? resistance from each lead to ground?

I understand that the 5 coils (ignition/4 lighting) on this stator are interconnected? Even when the bike ran, I had no lights (bulbs good).

Between the Black/red lead (ignition?) and ground, I measure 82.5 ohms

Between the Blue (lighting?) and ground I measure .8 ohms

Between the Black/Red and Blue leads I measured 83.3 ohms.

These measurements were taken with my Fluke 87 True RMS DVOM.

Any tips would be appreciated.


On my 86 xl600r the ohms were low on the good stator (0.01-0.03) and high on the burnt stator (250-350)....Make sure that you figure out what caused the failure before you install another stator....My stator failure was due to excessive heat....For some reason the factory setup was way too lean for long runs and caused the engine to overheat....I adjusted the air screw, installed a colder burning plug, and put in a temperature gauge dipstick to monitor heat....Ricky Stator has the best price and warranty.... ....there is a phone number to call these guys and I am sure they would be happy to help you with trouble shooting the problem

P.S. Check the battery...Should be 14+ volts

Sounds like somebody chopped off the leads to the lighting coils. Chances are they tossed the voltage regulator (aluminum block with fins at seat tank juntion). The manual for the older xr6 is at:

I think some of the chapters were missing, but electrics is probably there.

(and there is no battery in the XR600R.)

I just purchased a 87 XR600R. It ran fine until this morning. Could not get it started. Checked for spark (new plug) and no spark.

Hey Steve:

I just had this problem on my 87 XR600 too. No spark, and everything except the stator/exciter checked out for resistance. The exciter was lower than the recommended voltage range, about 80ohms, and I replaced it with a Ricky Stator for $150 shipped (which has 100ohms resistance - two windings).

However, the reason I didn't have spark wasn't the stator, it was the connector from the CDI to the sparker unit. The brush inside the connector that touches the pin of the molex plug on the CDI was pushed back and wasn't making contact. On a hunch, I pushed the pins of the connectors to one side, making it really hard to plug in the plastic female connector, but when it got on the connection was ensured. This fixed my spark problem, but with the stock exciter the spark was pretty weak.

ps. The Ricky Stator is really really good. Huge blue spark. Awesome power for lights. One kick starts ALWAYS. Even if flooded, just follow the cleaning-out proceedure and kick it once afterwards.

Good luck.


Removed the stator from the bike. All leads connected and intact (same with the AC voltage regulator).

Called Ricky Stator and spoke with Ricky himself this morning; described what I have found and in short, a new Ricky Stator is on its way.

BTW, he said that these older 5 pole stators are trouble prone, but produce more lighting current than the new OEM XR650 units, which I thought was suprising. He also said his ignition exicter will measure 90 ohms, not the 250 ohms (or there abouts) for the factory units.

I should have it tomorrow.

Thanks for the replies.


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