'04 XR650R-Too Much Man... Not Enough Bike!!!

I am in Greenville, SC and recently been riding on some State Park OHV Trails . . .

. . . I've done a lot of riding in my younger and smaller days ! ! ! :cry:

Last bike I owned was a 1982 - XR500R (Height: 5'10" 190 lbs. Age: 13) :cry:

A buddy of mine recently took me riding with him and now I'm a kid again . . .

. . . 3 weeks ago I bought a Brand (Spankin') New '04 XR650R ! ! !

On my last 2 outings I have quickly realized Too Much Man . . . Not Enough Bike ! ! !

(Height: 6'4" 390 lbs. Age: 35) :cry:

I have really enjoyed riding . . .

. . . but the rear suspension is definitely not able to handle my big ass ! ! !


get a 16kg/mm spring and the biggest fork springs they make. Also be sure to get a modified right beg or you are going to be one big hurtin SOB when it breaks off!

That bike is perfect for you...just get it dialed in.

Can you please post of few web sites where I can buy what you think I need ? ? ?

It would be greatly appreciated :cry:

Plug your numbers into the RaceTech web site.


On the first page click on the Dirt Bike Link.

Then click on the Spring Rates Search link on the left menu.

Fill out the form to get to your bike and click on the Custom Spring Rate Search in red, enter your weight, riding type, skill level and it will give you a great start on what springs you need.

I am 6'4" at 230 and springs has been the best money I ever spent on my BRP.

Good Luck

It seems like there are allot of big guys that ride the XR650 and I wonder how many of you guys have replaced your front and rear springs yourself and what did you have to do to get the bike dialed in? I am considering doing this myself as opposed to getting my suspension done for me by one of the suspension shops. I am wondering if I can get it pretty dialed myself without the revalve. I am 6'6" and about 245lbs. and ride an XR650 set up for dual sport. I ride in So. Cal.. Thanks.

I am 6'6" at 270lbs. When I first bought my pig I rode it stock before making changes so I can see what a difference it would make. I sent shocks to Tootechracing.com. They are in So Cal. They did a fantastic job. Barnums I know does a great job also. I don't know if I would do it myself since you are going to make some huge changes to accomodate your huge ass. This, my friend, is the most important thing you can do. All of a sudden my bike floated and jumped and rode wheelies. Then go to Bajadesigns.com. Or call them since this part is hard to find. Get the Handlebar risers. You have to replace the top triple clamp, I used applied designs, but the risers will move the bars up 1.5" and out 1.5" coupled with Pro Taper CR high bars rolled foward a bit and you got a big god damn horse. I would also get the Edelbrock carb. Because. Don't ask. Just because. I also hear the lowboy pegs are nice and add just a bit more leg room. I have Ims pro pegs. I have bent a right peg bolt and replaced it with better bolts. But don't even ride it till the suspension is done. Keep your race sag set at about 3.5" - 4".

I have friends that are 6' + and can't believe how big this bike is. I can send pics of the bar risers if you would like.

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