popping on decel

my 05 450 has been letting a pop or two when i let off the gas. i just cut the grey wire and cut the throttle stop and removed the snorkle. what can i do to stop the pop? jet it?

backfire on deceleration is a classic case of lean jetting...try just a hair richer and see what happens :cry:

Mine was doing the same thing until I installed the JD jet kit.

Also, check the top of your air box and see if the windows behind the battery are sealed. Some say the CA models are closed. They need to be opened. Especially to tune it right.

will it hurt anything like this? i want to go for a ride saturday before rejetting my carb and mine pops after every decel also, do you think i can turn out the fuel screw to get it a bit better for now ? or will i do damage to my piston if i drive it this weekend

i assume you have a #48 pilot ?

turn the fuel screw out 1/2 turn to richen it up a little and therefore pop less ...

I understand the AIS setup causes that, too - even with good jetting.

thanks guys, got back today no problems with the ride, but i now have all my mod parts and will start modding tomorrow...... first thing to go is the ais removal kit....

Yes - good one, Get the TT AIS and see recent post by Comrade for some answers - easy but takes time.

Then Jet properly, see the stickies and data base.

Depending on temp a #48 pilot is almost a MUST have. That along with the fuel screw - usually dials the popping out.

However, if you venture down the ACV avenue, then the issue may re-appear...not to worry, see:

thumperfaq.com (for 250s) but has most answers and excellent background info.


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