SRC Fork Brace

I have the rswracing brace on my XR and it performs flawlessly. Easy install and the billet aluminum looks great. Ron makes excellent products and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from him again.

Great brace at almost half the price of the others!

I ordered my RWS Racing brace on Wed. It was delivered on Friday. Fit and finish is great. Installed in approx 15 Min. Took it out this morning for a few hours and worked great. Huge improvement. I am 270 lbs and the bike tracked better and no more flex and deflection. :cry: For 70.00 delivered can't beat it

Thanks, Ron

Rons brace is NICE... and cost EXCELLENT!

(I've emailed him with some questions)


Have any of you bought the SRC that comes with the "fork guards" ???

And if so,

They ARE the fork guards for the fork tube right?? Not the lower fork leg?!

I'm looking to use those fork tube guards, with fork skin swipers... and a lower leg guard. But am having a hard time finding just the fork tube protection, and just the lower leg protection.


Thanks in Advance!

I have the SRC brace, skins, and guards all work excellent, the guards cover the upper tubes, with wipers they have not shattered broke or misbehaved through miles of untamed SRC really helpful people............................................................ :)

i have the super brace on my 650l and am very happy with it . i have used fork braces on street bikes in the past and have found them to work very well.

I started to post a query here about Ron's braces some time back, been watching them on e-bay for a while. Just wanted to see if any of ya'll had tried 'em. I see a few have and are happy so I'm guessing I'll finally pony up the dough and give him shout. They sure look the part.

EDIT: Just ordered one, smooth process, will report on my results after I flog it.

I got a deal on src brace from old site (parts for sale)and bought skins and covers new from src . ( I ride a 94 xr600r) Couldn't tell huge difference untill I rode me buds 97 xr600r . ( real hairy ! ) And he also thinks my bike is super stable. But not sure if its the brace making such a big difference . Tires or suspension issues ? We ride soft sugar sand.

Just got Ron's brace a couple of days ago, shipping was lightning fast. The fit and finish is perfect, looks like a factory werks one-off piece with no logos and whatnot. It took about ten minutes to put on and the difference is amazing. I have put braces on every bike I've ever owned but the change to this bike has been the most dramatic. Probably has something to do with those big ole long fork legs compared to a sportbike. I was actually having to take it easy and get used to the new feeling because I found myself overcompensating in the turns because I was used to my spaghetti-legs forks. No more of that, this thing is planted!

Ron, pleasure doing business with you. Top quality product and I highly recommend it :) .

I've gotten such obvious improvement on all my bikes, even highway bikes, with fork braces, I can't imagine why they are not a stock item on all bikes ... cutting corners, I guess $$$ :)

I am running the SRC fork brace with the upper fork guards, and the seal savers. I installed myself, and it took about 1.5hrs. You have to remove the fork tubes and front tire of course, but its easy with a good bike stand (motoboss).

The look is way better than stock and I was equally impressed on road and off with the mods.

If you wanna see pics look in my garage.


Hmmm... nice.

I like the Seal Saver and fork guard look... being that "function" is more important to me... I think you and many might have sold me on Fork Braces in general. Now it's time to see about the whole enchilada!

How do you like that Teraflex rear tire??????

They're so big and meaty... I can't imagine the 'bounce' they add to the suspension. I've seen'em around lately... have you ridden it in sand, dirt and mud?! How about sidewall flex...etc. You can PM me if you'd like to keep the topic to topic. :)

I have them on my supermoto trimn they make a huge difference...the bike when cornering used to ''wander'' around the corner...when i fitted them the bike corners much more precicely

Dude, my R is also set up for moto and I've been thinking about dropping the triple clamps down maybe an inch to lower the front, vs shelling out cash for new springs.

Did you lower the tripple clamps or go with new springs. Did either route give you any noticable improvement on the street? Seems to me the R is already pretty responsive on the street with just the 17" rims and Pilot Sport rubber...


Mt. Top, PA

I also make fork braces for these bikes. You can check it out at I started making these for the XR650L and they are really liked. The fork brace really helps while riding over hard things fast it stabilizes the forks at there weekest spot. The brace I make mounts in 15 - 20 minutes and you can use your stock fork boots. You don't have to remove the front end to install the brace. E-mail me with any questions

I have one of these braces that I bought through Ebay. Fits well with tight tolerances. Nice piece.Mitch

Here is Ron's brace mounted up with Seal Savers.


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