Service bulletin for XR650L

Can anyone tell me about a new service bulletin (or where to find info) regarding an oil pump issue for the '05 XR650L?? :cry:

Honda issues technical bulletins called "The Wrench" to their service departments. A few of them end up on line here and there, but I don't think Honda puts them all on line. I would say with 99% confidence the oil pump in the 650L is the same pump that has been in use on the XR600 for a lot of years, so this might be of interest to a lot of people. Where did you 1st hear about it? Is it simply a priming issue after a rebuild?

Just spoke with the local dealer, and the problem was insufficient priming on new '05's as they left the factory. Most likely damage would be during the first uses of the cycle, as opposed to a problem with the pump itself which might cause damage later on. Thanks for the words about their posting of such info, as I thought it would be easy to find and it wasn't! :cry:

Well, that sure confirms that priming the pump is important!


Anyone hear of this?

My 05 has been great with no problems lubrication wise.

Mine too!

It hit only a small percentage of the bikes, or all the '05s would have scrapped themselves pretty quick.

I hear it always happened once in awhile- just some fellow forgetting engine assy. step 437...


Yes it's common on dry sump motors. The air that ocupies that space must leave as the oil fills the lower end .

I'm building a 1960XLCH and wil be doing this next week.

I will first connect oil into motor ,then fill tank and kick the machine over until oil pumps out of motor then connect return lines and fill tank.

Keep r's up at start this helps pump oil ,don't lug your cold motor

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