Anyone's helmet cam battery blow up yet?

Mine did this past weekend. It was real hot outside and probably hotter in the fannypack I had it in. I'm wondering if anyone else had this problem or not? It didn't actually blow but it bubbled out at the cells and will not work anymore.

That sucks.

How about posting some of the video??


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

I feel your pain. Sometimes i'm just plain illiterate.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

I'd love to but I can't figure out how to post it. I get it converted on my computer but don't have the know how to post on a site. I'm computer illiterate.

Ive noticed mine getting really hot, but it has not affected its performance any. Thanks for the tip though Doug. Sounds like I might wait for cooler temps to use it.


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So far mine is hanging in there. Yesterday I punished it real hard in 90+ degree heat all day and it is still looking new. I wonder why this happened to you. Could it be that it was overcharged? When charging my battery I will unplug it when the light on the charger goes out. Just a thought.

Did you contact the helmetcam folks and bitch about it? Maybe they will give you a new one if you make a big stink.

About posting video, maybe I can help (I would love to see it). Without getting into the technical bs, here is what you need to do it:

1. A video file (duh).

2. A place on the web large enough to put the video file. (about 15MB per minute of video on average)

3. A FTP program (FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, it copies the video file from your hard disk to the web)

4. A place to provide a link to the video file. ThumperTalk would work. Just provide the path of the video file like this:

You can get a FTP program for free on the web. There are lots of them and they are very easy to use. I have an old version of one called WS_FTP32. You can get a new version of it here: You will find yourself using the FTP software for lots of things one you get the hang of it. It also helps if you have a fast internet connection. With a 56k modem it will take hours to copy the video file(s) to the internet. With a cable or DSL modem it takes only a minute or two.

When pointing to the path of the video file in item 4 above, you would use something like this: Some experimentation is in order to get things figured out, but it really looks and sounds harder that it is.

Good luck!

Thanks Ron,

I picked up a website at yahoo but am still learning how to actually make a video post. yeah, one minute will take up the web space but that is all I'd use if for anyway. I do have cable hookup so it should go quick.

I was laughing today as I got more of last weeks trail ride than I thought before the battery blew. If I can figure this out, I'll even post my crash on a step section. I was hoping the battery blew before I did this :)

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