help with stripped lower oil drain plug

yes i am a idiot i guess i have previously overtightened it because it stripped today with barely any pressure today, is there a kit or a sleeve out there or do i have to tap it, any tips would be appreciated thanks

Go down to you local auto parts store and get a HeliCoil kit :cry::cry:

You might also try a Time-Sert. I've never personally used one, but I've heard good things about them. Time Sert web site

Use a Time-Sert. Heli-Coil is good. Time-Serts are the next step forward. :cry:

i used a helicoil in my bike a couple years ago. it still works, but it leaks a bit. not quite like a harley, but i have to put a pan under the bike so it doesn't stain. if it gives me any more trouble, i'm going to use a timesert because i've heard they don't leak (might be wrong though).

The most common reason that things like Heli-Coiled drain holes leak is that the hole first drilled to remove the damaged threads was not drilled straight, followed closely by the tap for the coil itself being run in at an angle (which is less likely in deeper holes, but still possible if not careful).

In order to seal, the washer bearing face of the drain plug must be square with the case it fits in so as to clamp the washer all the way around. If it isn't, it's hard to keep them from drooling. Since the drilled hole is the only thing that controls this, it has to run in as squarely as possible, and that's harder to do that it looks.

This same mistake can also be made with a Time-Sert, but the fact that the top of the hole is counterbored in the process using the repair-drilled hole as a pilot makes it far less likely, even if the hole is a little off of square with the original. Plus, the shoulder of the Time-Sert can be crushed as the bolt tightens, giving a little "wiggle room". Be careful to run the tap in as straight as you can, and the design will forgive a lot more than Heli-Coils will. :cry:

make sure you get the propper size and type aswell.

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