Need some input.Please.

I`m coming off of an 04 CRF 450,and I`m looking to maybe get an 05 YZ450. I can put down same lap times on both the 04`s. I just need to know about reliability, durability, and maintenance. I rode an 05 YZ450 already and the bike is awesome. This past season I raced a lot including 3 U.S. Nationals plus arenacross without a single bike problem. Can I expect the same from a YZ if it is well maintained?

Of course, no one here is biased at all. :cry:

But seriously, there are cars on the road that aren't as dependable as a YZF. The 450 is one of the toughest of them, too. Mine has never needed a valve adjustment, and is still in spec as of the most recent check. My '01 250F has been adjusted once. All good machinery responds well to proper maintenence, but these things are ridiculous.

We change oil every 3 rides, sometimes more often depending on the last ride or the one coming up, and we use Scotts SS oil filters and clean them with every oil change. Air filters each 2-3 rides depending (it's really dusty around here). Other than that, nothing. My 450 burns no oil between changes. My 250F uses as much as 50cc an hour.

The only thing you need to do is to throw a high quality chain on it, and do something about the plug in the bore where the old manual decomp shaft used to go. The TT store sells an excellent solution for this. If you're unfamiliar with the issue, look at this thread:

Whatever changes for you in the switch from Red to Blue, you won't be giving up any reliability, that's for certain. :cry:

Thanks for the info. Are all the Yz 2 stroke and 4 stroke air filters the same?

I believe the elements are interchangable, but the 4-strokes have an flame suppressive screen built into the filter cage, where the 2-stroke does not. Since you can use the YZ2 cage in a YZF (with a flameproof filter), I assume they are otherwise the same.

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