Where to ride...

Are there any good resources on the internet for places to go ride DIRT BIKES!? I live in Colorado, and of course we have a lot of places to go, but it gets COLD here in the winter...

My buddies and I are planning on going to Moab for thanksgiving, but are not sure the weather is going to cooperate, so I am looking for alternatives...

Any help would be appreciated...



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Scroll down, look for a drop down menu box that say's "Forum Jump" and find the forum for the geographical area you are looking for. You will find lots of helpful info there!

RV8, eh? Fun ride!

If you're thinking of winter riding in Utah, I would reccomend St. George and Coral Pink in southern UT. Went there in January and the days were in the 60's to 70's, gets cold at night though. Coral is awesome for dunes, you do need a flag though. St. George has both sand and miles of trails ( the riding area is actually just east of Hurricane UT). Had a blast there, hope to go back this winter.

I'm new myself, but have had a great time down at Pueblo's open area: Pee-wee track, big-boy track, and miles of open trails... all FREE! Not sure where you are, but the local motocross tracks are a blast too (I play at Aztec outside C Springs).

Like I said, I'm new too so let me know if you find anything.

I live in the Springs and used to race at Aztec... YEARS AGO! :cry:

My buddy owns land just west of there and has a motox track I can go hurt myself on if I want...

I second Pueblo Motorsports Park. I haven't been down there in the winter yet, but I've heard that people ride down there year round because it's a little warmer. We're going soon I hope!

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