Throttle Stop

So, I finally got around to pulling my '03's throttle stop so I can hack it down. I pulled it out, and it has obviously already been cut down. I called my brother (who I bought the bike from) and he said he did not do it -- so, is it possible the dealer did this? ... not really important, but the thing was cut down to 10 mm shaft/15mm total (!) -- just above the threads, which is much shorter than you all are recommending. My question: can this thing be cut too short? I turned the throttle without the stop in place and the throttle stops at full throttle... so what is the point of this stop???

When I bought my '05 a few weeks ago, the dealer ( told me that they already cut the throttle stop. Not bad service. (Those guys were fantastic; I'd recommend them to anyone).

Yes, you can cut it too short. What can happen is the slide in the carb will slap against the lid of the carb and can cause problems. Somthing I have heard of happening also is the throttle can get stuck wide open with the screw cut too short becasue the shape of the cam lobe on the AP can get jammed if the throttle is pulled all the way to the lid. Somewhere around here used to be the length the cut it off at, but you can also just buy the YZ version from the shop.

Mine also came pre-cut for me but they hacked it off at the threads and it had no limiting function at all, so I bought the YZ stop and it is perfect.

Sweet. Thanks!

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