Ty Davis and his 450 in Idaho

I checked out the WORCS race this weekend in Payette, Idaho. Ty Davis won it on his YZ450, with Bonds right behind him on his KX250. If the KX could have held more gas, Bonds would have won it...but that 450 was just amazing on that course. It was pretty wide open stuff with big climbs that the 450 just ate up. Very cool race to watch. Ty Davis knows how to ride a bike for sure, wow.

Ty Davis can ride a bike for sure. I went to the monticello round on labor day at my local track and he won on an 05 yz 250. The off road part of that race has a wicked section down in a real tight canyon with some big drops and rocks, mud, roots galore . Throughout the entire 2 hour race he was consistently pacing around 10min laps. I went and road the course the day after the race and thoughout the entire day of riding my fastest lap was like 10min 38secs, there's no way I could hold that pace for two hours. Guess I have alot of training to do if I ever want to ride like Ty. :cry:

man, that's actually pretty good to only be 38 seconds off the pace..one lap or not!

I think nathan woods had the fasest lap time of the race in the 9 somthings. He and Davis trades leads most of the race until woods stalled his 450 and davis was able to pull away. I had lots of practice on the course since I got to help mark and clear the off road section.

Davis is a really well rounded rider he swaps between the 250 and 450 and does good on both he was a good mxer rode some supercross, was on the podium of the baja 1000 awhile back, I think he's even going to ride in this new endurocross series.

Ty's not only an excellent rider, but one heck of a nice guy too. Every race I have been to that he was there, he always takes time to talk to normal people. He's the one who talked me into buying a new YZ450.

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