68s Jet

:cry: Where can I find a 68s Jet? None of my local dealers have them and they look at me like i am crazy when i ask for one.Thanks.Do I need to order one. :cry:

Click on this thread for answers to some 68s pilot questions.


Great info, thanks. :cry:

i had the same problem at the dealer - it doesnt show up as a 68s just order part# 99105-MBN-0680 and you will get the 68s :cry:

jeff :cry:

I went to the local Honda shop and asked for the 68S and they handed me one...till I looked at it closly...It wasnt an S...At the shop I went to the regular 68 was 4.95...the S was 9.95. I had to order one using the same part number that was in the reply before me. Look at it close before you commit....The S is hard to read on them. This guy tells you the differance in the 68 and the 68S.


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