cost to freshen 92 XR600R motor

Can somebody give me ballpark $ on what I might expect to pay a shop to rebuild my XR motors top end. Assume I pull the motor myself. I want to keep it stock or close to it.


i'm in the process of rebuilding the top end of my 85 xl600. i've spent approx $800 in parts and machine work. gasket kit $100. sleeve $80. piston "kit" $185 from honda. valves and guides $200 from kibblewhite. bore job $80. head machine work $150. and some misc. this is just parts, i'm doing all the labor. i was really surprised how much more expensive it is to rebuid a four-stroke, than a two-stroke. also, check out al baker's xr's only. his website will give you an idea on labor. lol

yeah I hear ya man, back in '97 I spent about $400 for a top end job on my old DR-350. And I had pulled the engine myself.

The XR600's have problems with the transmission so take a good look at the gears when you pull off the top end. I had to replace 6 gears @ $100 each when I did mine.

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