2005 Wr 450 Or Crf 450 X

I know I can only decided this myself but I am curious if anyone has owned a crf 450 and a wr 450. I know the X is not out yet but I am trying to make a decision. How multi pupose is the Wr. I hear the 2005 is lighter, lower center of gravity and slimmer. The claimed dry weight for the wr is 244 and the x is 255. How can this be? If anyone can offer anthing good please do. Thanks

I'm guessing the WR will once again weigh way more than Yamaha's claimed weight. My WR426 was a lot heavier.

The big advantage of the WR IMO is the reliability factor and proven design. Who really knows what the CRF will be like?

I have a friend who owns a 03 crf 450. Good bike but totally built for the track. If the 450x comes out and is the same set up but with a headlight and a kick stand then the WR is a far better choice. Hond has two seperate case oils and is a litte more difficult to work on from my experience. but i like the crisp throttle response on the honda. we will find out more once the x out in full force.

First year bike vs proven design.

Go blue. Look at some of the issues the 250 x and r are having. Scary

Both bikes are way heavy. Honda's claimed dry weight is something around 255, which is more than that claimed by yamaha for the WR. Both bikes have puny gas tanks. The yamaha has a really thin seat to get the ride height down, the honda has a much thicker seat but has the "valve issue". After reading the specs for both bikes and looking at the WR, I've given up on a new big green-sticker 4-stroke for another year. Bummer.

The CRF design seems to have valve realted issues and a much more intensive maintenance requirements (can you say rebuild) on both the 250 and 450. The Yamaha will most likely still be somewhat top heavy, although for 05 it carries even less gas. The yamaha is now super relaible although I haven't looked in to the whole smog octopus on every 05 I have seen (CA or not). I would get another WR if it was me unless I had a few good Euro dealers close by (a Husky 510 would be in my garage in that case). I would also look at the KTMs.

KTM is a great bike with lots of "usable" power but only get one if you like wrenching. :cry:

Every bike has it's problems. WR's are prone to losing 3rd & 5th gear. The Honda's have lower rod bearing problems(250F's), and valve problems(every Honda). I'm a person that likes to stay away from the first generation bikes, but as most Honda lovers will say it's the same bike as the CRF450R. Highly doubtful. Wide ratio tranny, eletric start, more eletric crap then you can think of on these bikes now that can go wrong. Not every problem will work itself out during R&D, just look at the Yamaha's in 03' they had many problems that evolved, but as most know now they are superb. I for one am not a Honda fan because I feel cramped on them, yes the CRF feels lighter then a Yamaha, but I would rather be comfortable. My 05' WR weights 273 ready to ride. It difiantly feels lighter then my 00' WR400, and has eletric start! It all comes down to what you like, and want to pay for. The CRFX is going to be a pretty pennie for a couple years. The WR is a good all around bike in my eyes.

I did a lot of research on this very issue for myself and it comes down to how much maintenance you like doing...or are able to do depending on the wife, kids, work issue.

WR450F...ride hard put away wet...

KTM450EXC ride hard put away wet but change that oil often

CRF450X...ride hard, change oil often, rebuild top end often.

Low Maintenance: WR

High Maint: KTM

Very High Maint: CRF

However, the higher the maintenance you go, I think the better the engineering done...has anyone really looked closely at the CRF450...WOW now that is some nice, clean, thought out engineering...

WR hold 2+ quarts of oil

KTM and CRF hold about a tablespoon full (exagerating).

Go Blue - end of story. Bullet proof as fara s liquid cooled thumpers go. KTM = wrenching, oil changes are often and troublesome with 2 oil filters and parts a re hard to get. Honda makes a great rig but you will re-build in the long run.

Good luck.

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