Seat ? Need more padding!

Any good aftermarket seats out there for a wr450. I have looked at guts but not sure what model and of the quality. :cry:

Last year I called Guts and the guy told me what seat to buy (tall, firm) based on my bike, and riding style. Been very happy with it. No more monkey butt.....

Try some paded shorts, too!

thanks ill check em out :cry:

My buddy rides a Guts tall soft ( we used to ride long trails (100-150 miles in one day) and it is the most comfortable seat I've experienced so far.

He is really happy with it.

He just complains about the fact that all the seat cover is not water proof. Some part can be penetrated by water. But apparently, it does not create a problem unless you get it wet during a ride. At this point, your pants become wet from staying in contact with the seat...

I would buy the tall from guts hands down (soft or firm depending on your needs) but then I would probably get a tall seet cover from another company like ceet, SDG, factory effex. Factory effex has nice seat covers...

Hi all

new to posting on this site,

Pull your seat off and repack it yourself, I did it on my wifes bike, its not to hard to do at all, and it saves cash :cry: which is always a good thing

is there enough seat material to add more padding and still re attach to the plastic seat frame.

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