wrenching like an idiot!!!!! ANY SUGGESTIONS


Doing some last minute tuning trying to get ready for a ride this upcomming saturday in which family and friends are comming to phoenix. Then it happened...... :D

when removing the carb hot start plunger i broke the plastic screw nut that holds the plunger cable in. :cry::cry::cry::lol::D

My dealer cannot get the part for 4-5 days :cry:

anyone have any suggestions :cry:



Don't feel bad, did the same thing myself. Used superglue and some teflon tape as a temp solution until the replacement part came in. Seemed to work okay.

YESSSSSSSSSS thanks a million. I was telling the dealer that the stonck one is a piece of crap. :cry::cry::cry::lol::lol::cry::cry:

Yeah broke mine while moving the carb around for some tuning. Can you believe the little plastic POS has only three threads??? And costs 5 bucks as well.

Have ZipTy do the over nite or go with JB weld. :cry:

didnt see an overnite option on the web site. ill call in the morning. :cry:

MY Yamaha dealer wants 12.95 for the same POS :cry:

Zip ty is going to OVERNITE :cry::cry:

the ride is saved

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