How to adjust rear sag on '87 XR600

Just geting back into dirt bikes after a 20 year gap (lots of street bikes in between though!) and need to know how to set the rear sag correctly on my '87 XR600. I have the factory service manual, but it says to refer to the owners manual on how to correctly set it (I'm 230lbs in gear). do I set this?

Also, the service manual says to set chain tension by supporting the rear wheel off the ground and mesure the slack in the chain at the mid-point on the upper chain - it should be between 1 3/8" - 1 3/4". Does this sound right or ....?

Thanks for any help.

Lift the bike on a stand, measure from the rear axle to a point straight up from the axle. make the same measurement with your gear on while standing on the pegs off the stand of course. You'l need one or two other people to help. On to measure and one to steady the bike perhaps. This measurement should be 100 mm less than the original measurement. or about 3 7/8 inches less. to increase the difference in the two numbers decrease the preload. To reduce the difference increase the preload. the stock spring for your bike is 9.8 . I run an 11 and weigh about 205. You'll probably need an 11.5.

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