Tach anyone?

I have been looking for a tach to work on my 650L. Honda has a digital tach but it was designed for boat engine use and reacts slow. If you rev the engine and let off, buy the time it reads the high rev you are back at idle. Does anyone know of an aftermarket tach that will work on a 4 stroke single?\


94 XR650L

Autometer has an analog tach sold largely to the Jr Dragster market. If you're not familiar, they run variants of a Briggs & Stratton 5hp single cylinder. Its not cheap, though, at around $110. I'm not sure how high it goes, but probably around 10,000rpm. I'm also not sure how it hooks up; it may need a points type ignition.

Try Tiny-Tach


If anyone finds something that works good, post it. I'd like to hook up a tach to mine, just to see what rpm's i'm normally running it at.

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