WR426 vs. DRZ400E vs. KTM400EXC

Well I'll give my personal experience on a WR426 that I rode for a first time and it stalled.The owner gave me the fast drill I did it and it fired right the heck up.He NEVER had a problem starting the bike the whole entire day.If you know what you are doing these bikes start as easily as my kickstart DRZ.At least this one did.

Thats very good you and your friend personally did not find it hard to start. However it still remains reality that alot of folk are not so lucky. All kind of folk, not just those new to thumpers (although that may be a contributing factor). Don't get me wrong guys... I like the WR and want to add one to my stable eventually. But the NEW 2002 Yams have made slight changes to the carb, to make for easier starting. And THEREFORE this is evidence, along with the testimony of many capable riders, that improvement in that department is and was nessasary.

Saying "I have experienced no prob..." is pure anecdote, as does not discount other findings.

And what kind of message are you sending to Yamaha?

ballistic - What the hell do you want us to say? "Well it starts in 1 or 2 kicks every time for me, but in my personal experience other people have had a hard time starting them - SO DON'T BUY ONE THEY SUCK."

BTW: Saying "the DRZ is a superior all-around bike..." is pure anecdote too. Competition has prooven otherwise.

- Sean

ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz :)

Robert Fox,

by now, you most likely choose your bike,

however I want to state my oppinion.


if you ask in the WR forum , you will get yamaha biased answers, same applies to the suzuki forum.

I had a 99WR for nearly 2 years, and absolutely loved the bike.

I was the biggest anti-suzuki dude.

then guess what, I got a DRZ-E.

here is my unbiased oppinion.

If you are a serious a class racer - go YZ426

if not read on.

yamaha has 1000 more RPM before the rev limiter cuts off and it has 5 valves rather than 4, so you get a bit more rev out of the yam.

how ever you will not use or feel this gift unless you drag race and shift exactly at the RPM range just before the torque curve starts to slope down.

every where else you get same good 4 storke wide power with yam or suz. you will never go balls out riding at the rev limiter on the trail or woods or MX track.

this bring me to the point where I sway toward the DR.

It don't matter how good your 4 stoker starts , you only get 1 kick, than you go back to finding TDC and retry.

With the E start you can crank over if you have to.

Also comes very handy, after endos,wipe outs, stalls up-down hill, stall in mud . or any place where you can not kick.

Also The DR maybe a heavier bike but still it does not wear me out as fast as the WR did on the same trail. when you ride it it the DR actually feels lighter, (NO BS)

It is only heavy when you have to pick it up.

shorter wheel base makes it turn on the dime.

Easier to recover mistakes on the trail.

Maintanence: grease fitting on the DR, different oil filter cover, No tools air filter access. Very easy to get licenced.

Now i go back to my own group :)

PS: please only post negative comment if you ever owned a DR and what was said is not true.

I have to disagree on some things. I rode a DRZ-E and it felt heavier to me and it is heavier, thats why. I also find the WR easier to loft the front when needed and the Low end on my WR426 came on similar, but much stronger through the mid range. The DRZ was smooth and even through the power band. The thing with the WR is it needs to be ridden hard all the time. The harder the better. This is where people get into trouble. If you try and sit and stroll through the trails you are going to get beat up and ass slapped. You can do that on the DRZ and ride all day long. The decission has to be based on the riding you are going to do. The DRZ is a way more comfortable ride, but not to my liking in the performance area. You can ride fast on both, but the suspension for riding hard goes to the WR hands down. I doubt you will be dissapointed with either decission you make. I am still a fan of e-start and wish I had it sometimes. For the most part, no issues starting.

Originally posted by Robert Fox:

I'm very close to making a final decision about one of these bikes. I'd really like to hear some objective comparisons. First, I'll tell you what I'm looking for. I am registered for my first Dual Sport ride in September. I have quite a bit of hare scramble and trail riding experience, so if it's anything like that, I'm sure I'll like it. I haven't ridden a four stroke in a very long time, so I think that'll take getting used to again. I do remember having a rough time starting a four stroke, especially after a fall. So that is a definite concern.

I thought about legalizing my KTM300MXC, but that has turned out to be too expensive, and too much hassle. Besides, I really like the idea of riding a dual sport ride on a 4-banger.

Here's what I think about the bikes so far...

KTM: Too expensive. This bike sounds really nice, but I just can't justify an additional $2,000 over the Yamaha.

Suzuki: I'm taking a serious look at the DRZ400E because the price is so enticing. This bike seems capable. In fact, I've even considered the S model because it's street legal. I'm a little nervous about getting an offroad bike legalized. Seems like a lot of red tape. But I know the S model doesn't have the suspension of the E model.

Yamaha: I used to ride Yamahas exclusively before I got the KTM. From what I've read, the Yamaha has a little better suspension and power than the Suzuki. The one draw back may be engine starting. A friend has a YZ426 and does get frustrated from time to time (but I heard the same thing about a KTM520SX).

I didn't go into this search with any desire for electric start. It just seems like a foreign concept on a dirt bike. However, because of starting difficulties, maybe I should be considering it.

This has been a difficult decision (but a fun one!). Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Please shed some light!

If you have problems starting your bike you might consider buying a quicksilver carb...made by edelbrock in san jacinto ca. i have one on my XR400 and it works well. I just purchashed a 01 wr426 and if i have starting problems i will put a quicksilver carb on it. i have the phone # for quicksilver if anyone is interested

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