2003 Yz 450 Clutch Question

I have been a little perturbed since buying this bike and starting back racing after a 6 year layoff(oct) about the clutch pull on this machine.

I noticed that the pull on a friends 05 450 was alot better(awesome bike by the way!) and that the routing and clutch arm was different.

Can I put a 05 cable and arm set up on my 03 and make it like the 05? Has anyone done this? How would I go about doing this?

The bike already has the gytr clutch upgrade but I would really like the pull of the 05.

Any help would be appreciated. :cry:

Re-Routing the cable will not give the clutch any different pull.

Two Things

1: Get a Hydraulic level

2: Modify the Clutch Actuator Arm (aka Lenghten it)

There is a mod for that I am not sure if its using a Arm from the Raptor or just extending it. Search for Clutch Pull in the yzf forum

Here is one specific link Clucth Mod for 03

Does the Clutch arm just slide out and the new one go back in? What is this talk about re-welding?

I tried everyway to lessen the pull - do not even bother - Do not cut the clutch arm - you will hate it. My advise is live with it - I rarely even use the clutch except on starts - this is the best way to preserve the plates and clutch use is clutch abuse on this bike...

my 2cents...

Yes it does! I put the 04 cable&arm onto my 03. Alittle better!

Did you just drop it in? Did it take some tweaking?

yes! Take off the retainer clip pull old one out put new one in with new cable!

Actually just taking out the retainer clip wouldn't allow you to pull the actuator arm out because the pressure from the clutch springs would hold it in. You would have to remove the clutch springs so they are not pushing the clutch in, then move the actuator arm so it pushes the clutch plates out, then pull the arm straight up and drop in the 04 arm. Then its a matter of reinstalling the spring bolts and you're set.

I did the '04 clutch mod and it does make a lot of difference. Since i had the clutch cover off I went ahead and did the 426 mod and it took away the grabbiness of the clutch.

Check this link for more info and part numbers.


didn't have to remove my clutch springs!!

I have the standard '03 actuating arm, and with the Hinson setup, it's as light as you could reasonably expect it to be (two fingers, easy). It also releases cleanly, it's butter smooth, and apparently doesn't care how hot it gets. I don't know if they're worth what they charge for them, but I'm glad there was one in the bike when I bought it.

Short of the full Hinson, the pressure plate and springs along with drilling the clutch hub (or boss) as per Dr.D, which actually adressess a grabiness issue, is next best. The basket helps too.

A Yamaha parts solution for grabiness in the '03 (which the Hinson totally eliminates)

is to use the following 426 parts:

5JG-16321-00-00 Friction plate

5JG-16383-00-00 Clutch Boss Spring

5JG-16384-00-00 Seat plate

All of these are 02 YZF426 clutch parts

Also make the inner hub oil holes larger to 4mm this per DRD.

People have also said that the '03 clutch is fussy as to the oil used in the engine. And you'd be surprised (maybe you wouldn't) just how bad a bad clutch cable all by itself can make the whole thing feel.

Yeah on the 03 YZ450 I had to remove the clutch cover and I believe the clutch springs to get the throw out arm out.....I shortened the arm 4mm and it fixed the problem of not being able to disengauge the clutch...BUT like mentioned

I hate it....when your tired its a ***** to pull the clutch in ....But since Im

used to riding Triumphs and BSAs its not that bad.......I don't know what to tell ya Bro except try it and see how you like it.....the new bikes have that shorter arm already.......probably 3mm shorter...I might get one and try it.....

Someday....... :cry:

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