Xr650l Calif Model Vs Non Calif Model

is there a difference on the intake manifolds between the california and non california models on the xr650l like on the r model?? if so where can i get one? my dealer told me that they could'nt order non california parts here in ca. :cry: thanks in advance, jon

I asked everyone that would know what the differences are ... the intake manifold on my 2001 XR650L CA version, looked perfectly normal, and was not "necked-down" like some I've seen in magazine articles ... differences are jetting, gas tank capacity, nothing not easily remedied ... open her up, and let her breathe ... huge difference

To the best of my knowledge there is no difference.

The restricted Intake is on the XR650R. From the factory they have a "necked down" intake that can be opened up or replaced with the HRC open model. There is a part number out there for the replacement, But the replacement doesn't apply to the L model.

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