? fuel screw

just bought this 450,had a honda crf 250 is the fuel screw located in the same spot or round about area and by using the zip-ty fuel screw or tiny screwdriver,thanks never got a manual with bike was popping so figured lean try to make it a little richer also what are the stock turns out from lighly seated all the way in thanks

Warm er up then start turning the screw out till it idles good :cry:

The screw is located in the same spot. Tightening it in makes it leaner, and vice-versa. It should run well somewhere between 1 & 2 turns out. Worry first about how the bike runs, not whether the exhaust pops. If you think you have the adjustment right, and it still pops, you can try another quarter turn rich and see if that clears it up, and maybe another after that, but not much more, as you will end up with a too-rich idle if you go too far.

Exhaust backfire can also be caused by an air leak at the midpipe clamp, if you have one, or a slip joint in the same place, or a leak at the head, so check that if you have a persistant pop after you set the mixture right. This link may help:



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