Transition from yz250f to yz450F?

Anyone here thats gone from a yz250f to a yz400,426 or 450? How is the transition? Speed? Handling? Weight? Maintenance? I want to get a second bike and am considering the yz450f. Any thoughts on a comparison of the yz250f and the yz450f are much appreciated. Rock n roll. :cry:

I went from a WR250F (all free mods) to a YZ450F. They are different bikes and the learning curve was longer than I expected for the 450. The 450 initially felt heavier even though the WR had 20 pounds on it. The suspension on the 450 takes the jumps better than the WR. I like the 4 speed on the 450 and also the tractor power. It also does not have to be high revved on straight roads. When I take it to a hilly place, it has plenty of power up hills. It does take throttle control pratice. I was worried about wiskey throttle causing the bike to go out from under me, but it never happened. The 450 is great for track riding and jumping.

That said, the WR is a great bike for trails. It's 5 speed has a nice 1st gear that allows it to go slow and negotiate the tight spots. I still stall the 450 too easily in narrow, turning washes where I know the WR would do fine. I find myself jumping on the WR's throttle a lot more now that I got used to the 450. The 250 seems weak but in trail riding I still do not want for power. You just have to rev it higher. I had increased my clickers on the fork and rear shock. However, given the same jump, the WR will still g out before the 450. The other side of the coin is that the wr's softer suspension will soak up the bumps. But I do not really pay attention to little bumps when I ride. The engine on my wr250 runs smother throughout the whole throttle range.

Maintenance is the same for both bikes. That is probably why I kept the WR. I like the 450 better because of the power. I pick the bike depending on the ride. If I go to a track or an area with lots of hills, I choose the 450. If I go trail riding in the mountains or need to dual sport, I use the WR because of the bigger gas tank and state plate.

The 2 things you will notice the most are that the 450 will seem a little top heavy and less nimble than the 250F, but you can get used to it. The big bike likes to have its bars shoved a little closer to the ground, but once you learn that. it corners really well. The 426 is another 10-15 pounds heavier yet, but the power is a little more gracefully delivered.

The other thing? BRUTE BOTTOM END POWER! Oh, the 450 will rev to the moon, like your 250 does, but it starts right now, anytime you're ready, and you will have to use a little more restraint than you're probably used to when grabbing a handful leaving a turn. Again, throttle control isn't something that's hard to learn, but it will need to be learned! :cry: The word is "roll" the throttle, not "grab".

Trust me, you'll love it. :cry:

yes i am also making the transition to my 04 yz 250f to the 06 450f ( hope for the alum frame).. at the end of the 05 season..

one ?? tho. what was the hardest transition from the little thumper to the big brother.

went from '01 250f to '03 450f.

the 450 was the same weight as the 250.

My 250 had all the possible goodies. racetech suspension. dsp ti exhaust.

c/f everything but running vet classes I got smoked right at the start and I could never make up what I lost at the start. the following season I bought the 450. Got every Holeshot and ended up wining the championship in the over 30 and over 40 class.

If one is not in the powerband of the 250 you will not make that big double,

on the 450 it just does not matter what gear you are in, just gas it and one will fly. Never had enough drive to clear that 85 foot tabletop on the 250, on the 450 it was never a problem. four gears are plenty, too.

Both are fun trail riding as well. never felt the need for a fly wheel.

just ran the iddle a liitle higher. upgrading made me a better rider and I was able to switch and get in the groove within a week. hope that helps

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