Fitting of rekluse clutch

Hi all after reading many of the posts about the rekluse clutch I have finally decided to buy one. On awaiting for delivery I have been reading the installation instuctions I downloaded from the rekluse web site. My bike is a 01 YZ426. In para 7 it states to put a rekluse drive plate under the top friction disc and on top of a stock drive plate. Does this mean that you have two steel drive plates on top of each other.

If you have any other useful info on assembling the clutch it would be greatly appreciated as I live in Australia and I haven't found anyone here who has a rekluse fitted to their bike.


Kaj Coulter

"Does this mean that you have two steel drive plates on top of each other."


I sell and have installed many Rekluse Z-starts and on some apps you do run two drive plates together. This does not hurt anything as they spin together but it is a way to set up the install gap.

You will love your Z-start :cry:

Be extremely meticulous about measuring and checking your install gap--That is the whole key to making it work properly. :cry:

Thanks for your reply's It just sounded a bit stange but as I thought about it a bit more I realised that they only sit on top of each other and don't spin.

Yes I can't wait to hit track with the clutch fitted and receive all the strange looks of riding without a clutch lever.

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