New Seat Options for XR600

Howdy folks:

Searched this site before asking but I can't locate any options.

Looking for a new seat for an 93' XR600R.

Who has them? Looking for contact info via phone or Web.

I checked with IMS but they only carry the XR650 and other models.

It can't be that difficult...can it!!!???!!! :cry:

The XR650L seat might work on the XR600. If you are in near by in So Cal. I have a stock and a corbin for a XR650L you can try. I am not selling them but it will let you know if it works and how it feels. Corbin should have a seat and be able to tell you if they are the same.


Thanks for the offer.

I may call Corbin and find out...unfortunately...I'm about 2500 miles away from where you are.

If you already have the seat base then there a whole lot of places that will sell you new foam and seat covers for your 600R. Try here The have both the foam and covers for your bike. If you need the base too look on Ebay since whole seats come up all the time for your bike.


I think you are correct. I could just recover the pan I have.

Still - it would be nice if a full seat was sold. Does anyone out there sell them?

Corbin is the only one that I know of that will sell you a complete seat for your bike. I checked and SDG only makes one for the 650R not the 600

I bought new foam and a gripper cover from The part #'s are 450984 for the cover and 45341 for the foam. They have both in stock, I just looked. Just enter the part #'s in the general search at the top right of the home page. I paid a local upholstery guy $30 to put it all together and it took about 30 min. start to finish and it was well worth it since he has the right tools for the job and I wouldn't try recovering my furniture myself so I'm damn sure not going to try it on my bike. I've ridden hard for 6 months and it's holding up great. Good luck, Walt

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