looking for a black front fender for the bike I have heard the xr 400 fits? :cry: What year ?does it matter and where is a good place to get one :cry: I also neeed a new rear fender for my E-line kit to bolt to: the stocker is a bit f-d up. I know there is no black available.Or is there? Thanks.Ride on.

i dig my acerbis front black CR fender on the all black pig. BBP?. a little bit skinnier in the middle but not an issue.

search the archives for more info on The Black Pigs...

I ran a CR250 front fender for awhile. I like the looks of it better then the XR400 fender I have know but, the CR fender tweeks the fork boots and makes them rub the tire. The boots I have now are made out of rubber not like stock plastic ones. The rubber ones are thicker and do not get dimples in them. But, I have to run the XR400 fender with them. The new boots fit perfect on the SuperBrace fork brace.

use a cr fender for the front, and acerbis makes a stock black rear fender it even use the stock tail light!

Xr 400 front fenders will fit on your XR. A lot of aftetrmarket fenders don't come pre drilled, so you have to drill your own holes anyway.


I've played with it and B Dub swears by it--Krylon Fusion paint

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