STOLEN XR650R---please sticky!


2000 XR650R

plated with plate #16M2296

stolen the night of 11-23-2004, from the Adobe Motel parkinglot in Santa Barbara, California.

no graphics, just bright red with white number paltes, big #96 on the number plates, SRC fork brace and guards, applied triple clamp and bars, still on knobbies, oversized front rotor, chopped front fender, fender decals on rear fender, the clutch side grip is orange...the throttle grip is black.


Ryan Lovelace (805)450-1179



Wow, Ryan, that really really sucks. I hope they find the rat bastards who took it before you find him! I'm curious as to how it got stolen because I travel a lot with my bike in the winter time while on the road. Where was it, on a truck and was it locked up? Again, sorry this happened, thats the sh***est feeling in the world :cry::cry:

couldnt tell you how they got it...but there is ONE lead...

i park the thing out in a parkinglot cause im staying in a motel till i can find a better place to it was in the parkinglot there.

someone saw a truck outside that belongs to a guy whos known around the area as a theif, and the cops are already looking for him for other stuff...they saw his truck, and one guy said he saw what COULD have been my bike across the street in a diff parkinglot at 4:30am, but he wasnt paying i figure the focker walked th bike across the street and put it in his truck...cause nobody could start that thing if they didnt know what was up...kicking a brp isnt exactly for beginners, haha!

That really sucks,Hope you can get it back..... :cry:

I would like to kick every thiefs aasss......

I hope to hell you have sucls to take a total loss..I had my 650L stolen before I insured it. I hope you find it in the same shape as it was taken.



Really though, that sucks. The worst part is that most of these cases usally end up with the same results:

A) the fileing of some stupid police report that does nothing but waste time, paper, maybe some hard disk space in some computer, and our tax dollars.

:lol: the owner probablly does not get his property back, and if he does it is clearly violated and-or broken.

C) the low life who broke the law and violated you will probabbly not pay society back for his crimes (let alone you) to the extent that he should, that is if he is even caught.

I hope that the leads that you do have pan out not just for your sake, but the sake of JUSTICE. I myself would be very upset :cry: and would be torn between trying to find the guy myself and just letting carma take its toll..he will get what is coming to him one way or another..

and one piece of advice, :cry: never leave your stuff unlocked :lol: I wouldn't think of leaving my bike unlocked in some parking lot, but the city I live in has one of the highest crime rates per capita in the nation...due mostlly to drugs and illegal immagration (but thats a topic for antother disscussion)

Good luck, and God bless. :cry:

Nice lookin bike surferguy :cry:

I hope they catch the punkas# who stole it. :cry:

th eplan was to buy insurance that night caus ei havent had the bike for really the situation just gets worse and worse caus ei also got a ticket on the bike just befoere it was stolen cause i didnt have ins.

now i have to buy insurance and pay the ticket for a bike i dont even have, woohoo!

ive got a few people looking for him for me (not the police) well as the police, hes already got a warrant for his arrest for other stuff so hopefully they find him before i do!

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