building the perfect yz/wr transmission.

i was just thinking about reasons to pull the motor out of the frame (i want a wine red frame for the white plastic). i was pondering the yzf tranny with a wr 5th gear, doesnt seem logical. neither is a complete WR trans.

i finally settled on what i think would be the perfect transmission. get this: WR 1st and 2nd gears, with YZ 3rd, 4th and 5th gears. i guess the 3rd gear could be either the YZ or WR parts, depending on whats needed.

i want to retain the YZ 4th and 5th for mx, but also be able to gear it really tall for off road without the dreaded "tall first gear".

i think it would be the most capable, versitile transmission a YZF has ever had. so my question is, is this possible? please say yes.

thanks guys

I'd have to dig up my book and take a look at the diagram. But I think if you mix the gears right, it might just work.

thats what i like to hear. i think even a WR 1st - 4th with a YZ 5th would work for me. since a YZ 1st - 4th with a WR 5th works (im assuming), i cant see how it wouldnt work the other way.

i guess the only thing im worried about is the different circumferance of the new WR gear having differently spaced dogs than the old YZ gear, but if that was true how could any YZ - WR gear mesh correctly.

so i must assume that even though the outer diameter of the WR gear is different, the "dog arrangement" would be the same as a YZ gear?? :cry: i also expect my stock shift forks are the same as the WR's?

i hope someone has some answers for me. but, i think i will start buying the WR first and second gears, and if i must ill buy the 3rd and 4th gears. as long as the YZ 5th gear will work with the rest of the WR trans, ill be a happy camper.

any help would be greatly appreciated

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