SDG Seat on WR426

I have to tell you this is a great site. Because of the information here, I did not make a mistake and purchase an IMS tank and seat combo. I had previously owned a IMS tank on a different bike and it was anything but a bolt on fit and when I read here the seat was 1" taller, it wasn't even an option. The SDG seat I got is very, very nice :). It works great with the YZF tank. No money wasted here! My next effort will be to fix the jetting for half throttle. The bike really hates it there I'm afraid.

Bryan, maybe a link to SDG could pay off?

Cut the grey wire before you mess with your jetting.It may save you a lot of grief.

Check previous posts for the procedure on this.

A SDG YZ seat and Clarke 3.3 gallon YZ tank are resent additions to my '00 WR400.

The seat is awesome and the price is right. I too was not wild about the IMS tank, and have had problems with fit is the past on other bikes. The Clarke tank fits great and comes in many colors, including yellow for those who have the retro kit.

carverdude is right, cut the wire. :)

Do any of you guy's have any pictures of the seat? I have an IMS tank and seat. I got them from Baja Design. They talked me into 1" taller foam. I'm 5'10", and am thinking of having 1" cut off. I just would like to see what the others look like so I can get it done right. Thanks, Ron

She's a little dirty from yesterday, but here it is.

What looks like wrinkles in the seat is just dust, and the seat looks crooked in the tall pic, but it's just a weird angle… :)




The seat was $89.99 + tax, and the tank was $162.00 delivered to my front door. :D



hey ron, what skid plate do you have? it looks nice to me and not too big or too small! does it cover the ign. like the waterpump too? i mean does it look the same on both sides? thanks

Sorry bonez for taking so long, I have not been following this thread...

Yes, it looks the same on the other side. It's the Std. Yamaha skid plate. Got it from the dealer the day I got the bike. I like it 'cuase it's not in the way and protects the stuff that needs it. Hope this helps.

Ron did you notice that Clarke is selling your exact kit for like $245 now? I'm going to order my tank tomorrow and hopefully have it next week sometime. I'll probably get your tank back to you next week unless you see a problem with that.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"


No hurry dude. I'm glad your going with the yellow tank. Your gonna like it. :)


do you have a pic of the left side of the bike with the clarke tank on? i'm curious as to whether or not you can still easily get to the choke and hot start with the clarke setup. so far i have heard the following:

+ acerbis 3.4gal, access to both is sorta OK.

+ IMS 3.3gal, hot start difficult, choke very difficult, best plan is to add a remoted hot start so you don't have to fumble around on the trail.

+ clarke?

also, is the quality of the clarke comparable to the acerbis? i know that yama OEM's and resells the acerbis tank, so it must be pretty decent.

thanks for any info,

the wrooster


Good question. The access to the choke and hot start is the same as with the stock tank. As for the quality, it's very very good.

I will get a pic on this thread this weekend.

Will the Clarke tank mount on a YZ426 w/stock seat?

Wow, cool, very nice, price is right too! I am sold! Thanks a zillion for the pics and the links. Any one need a stock WR seat or tank cheap???? :) . Maybe Ill try the YZ side :D .

Yeah it should mount on the YZ no problem. I looked at Rons setup and it looks identical as well as on the clarke web page it says a seat is only needed if mounting on a WR so I would assume that all means that the stock YZ seat works with the tank. I'll be ordering my yellow tank for my '99 YZ400 this afternoon once I put my pay check in the bank.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

Does anyone know if teh stock WR tank and seat will fit a 2000 YZ250? I know it's a random question but it's for a friend. I don't know if he would be interested in it or not but from the number of times I've ridden back to get a truck to go fetch his bike he should be. How much are you thinking for the seat and tank? Ron, would you be interested in selling you WR seat and Tank if they fit a 2000 YZ250?



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"


Don't know if it will fit... ???

Okay, here is the other side. The choke and hs are super easy to get to, no problemo. Khris is right - Clarke is now offering the SDG seat and the tank for $244.00 + shipping. Not a bad deal. I had to buy the seat somewhere else two weeks ago. You can see how slim this set-up is in the bottom picture.

The only thing some may not care for with the Clarke tank is CLARKE is imprinted in the left side, as shown here. It does not bother me and I'm sure graphics would cover it if it bothers you.




Once again, things are looking crooked in the pictures. Oh well, I know they are straight. :)

[This message has been edited by Ron in SoCal (edited 07-21-2001).]

I remember reading somewhere that the tanks like these which lower the cg do so by placing the tanks (and fuel) a lot closer to the exhaust header. They have had their fuel boiling in that portion of the tank. I don't remember exactly which tank did this, but the Clark is fairly low slung. Could some air conditioning tape possibly fix this? May not be a bad idea for preventative maintenance to fabricate some sort of heat shield.


'98 WR400, S-3B Viking

What is the overall change in rider position when going with the Clarke tank/SDG seat as compared to the stock tank/seat? I know it's slimmer, but about how much? What about rider height?

Many of the guys here have stated often that the YZ tank / seat combo was the best overall mod they have done to their WR. I was slow to do this mod myself, but I have finally seen the error in my ways. This mod should have been number three (right behind cutting the throttle stop and yanking the exhaust baffle).

The IMS, Acerbis, and Clarke tanks all make a huge difference in rider position and cornering. Gone is that front wheel push. Hallelujah!

I am 6' 1" tall and am very comfortable in either the standing "attack" position or sitting forward. I do notice, however, that my knees get hotter now since they are nearer the vents in the radiator shrouds. Its hard to say how much further forward the riding position is, but it is way better.

As for the tank / header clearance, just measured it at 1.5 inches. I don't think it's a problem.

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