XR650R vrs KTM 525 MXC

--- From what I have to know in my little expereince is the 525 is gear for 78mph. There was a post that they clocked one on an RA track at 85mph. A tuned 2004 KTM525 puts of 44.4hp 7,600rpm and 34.4 Torque @6,000rpm. Thats' what a CRF450R puts out at a higher rpm.

I went and looked around on different KTM groups the number one question on fix' was.....How do I keep my tranny from breaking?...An exact question was "my 2003 KTM525 is a rocket but, the tranny keeps breaking...how do I fix this so it stops happening?"

I am looking for a second bike. I am going on a big ride tomarrow without my bike. I was to have it but, that's an on going story........So, my son is getting kicked off his XR400 again. I have been listening and looking at what's out there that would be the best bike for the $$$$ without having to do much more then put a stearing dampener on it......So, far the KTM525 MCX or the 525 punched out from the factory to a 570...KTM is now offering it that way, for what I heared so, I am listening for all input...even though I am a diehard Honda guy. The tranny thing is more then just a few and that is putting a major chill on the whole KTM thing.

How about a 2002 CR250 2 stroke (3rd gen frame) with a 300 kit, air stryker carb / bored, z-start autoclutch (easier on your wrist), Eric Gore's mo-betta porting (better low end), RAD valve, fatty pipe, heavier flywheel, etc.

This makes for a very powerful modern light weight bike that has good low end power for a 2 stroke for trail riding and plenty of top end along with very crisp throttle response when properly tuned. Reliability is good and top ends are simple & inexpensive to do compared to a 4 stroke (no valve issues to worry about :cry: ). A bike like this has no problems staying ahead of a XR650R up to 70 MPH in a drag race and you can flick it around on jumps, square berms more easily, have more fun on a MX track, its great in the dunes, etc.

z-start autoclutch :cry: I didn't even have that in the sceam of things. Are you looking to sell me such a bike :cry: I like that whole Idea! I jsu can nolonger put up with the constant on and off the clutch that the two smokes reguire in the tight slow stuff. The z-start autoclutch would change all that.

I don't have one to sell, but I'm planning to put one of these together sometime next year to play with. I already have the 2002 CR250, the zstart (not installed yet), the air stryker carb and a few other goodies, but my health has been slipping lately and I may not be able to ride at all or do much of anything for the remainder of the year :cry:

I've talked to two other people with similar combos and they were very pleased with the results for single track, desert play, MX track, etc. A friend of mine has a 250r quad with a 300 kit, porting, air stryker carb, etc, and it pulls very well throughout the range. I'm looking forward to trying this out for myself to see how well the zstart works with a 2 stroke. The 300 kit, EG porting, fatty pipe and air stryker carb will improve the bottom end significantly and while it might not rev out on top like a stock 250, it should still scream pretty well, even if a sound compliant silencer like the PC 296 is used.

The Ktm RFS transmission stresses can be solved with a KTM cush hub. Mine was ~$400 with rim and spokes.

A nice second bike is the KTM 300 2 smoke (04 and 05). It's light (220 dry), has good torque and power, and with an auto clutch, clutching is no longer an issue in the tight stuff. I refer to mine as a 220lb 4 stroke :cry:. If you can get a ride on one, try it.

I am right there with you Bruce and Gary. Sorry to read about the health development.

Might be time to go back to a 2 stroke. 3rd gen CR250 worked up? or a KTM--either the very 2 stroke like 250 (with a lot of mods) or the awesome woods bike 300? Great for Hair Scrambles, tighter dez, and it can go on the track.

That and a used dual sported EXC525 freshened up with the OEM 570 kit. Gear it to do 90, add the rear hub, oil resevoir, and a stabilizer.

Bruce--see ya at B2V? I too will be on a XR400. Dual sported--look for the white helmet...

sounds to me your a big bore guy and my BRP is the most versatile bike I have ever ridden, go with Honda! thats all there is to it, I ride with alot of other guys on different bikes in alot of different riding situations and the pig always seems to work better,

I dont think the hub is causing gear problems...

The lack of damping in the KTM RFS clutch puts a lot of strain on the transmission and drive train. A cush hub relieves most of this stress. Also, an improperly adjusted chain will eventually ruin the drive side bearing in the hub and along with the non damped clutch, the rear hub can destroy itself.

A cush hub can save transmission gears and a cush hub and properly adjusted chain can save rear hubs. The best way to find the proper chain adjustment on a KTM is to remove the shock and with the wheel installed, move the swingarm and adjust the chain for zero tension.

Believe it or not BWB63, there are two-stroke bikes out there that actually do have a lot of low end power; these are the open-class two-strokes. Such as my KX500. I never have to slip the clutch on that bike, just put it in third and leave it there. Doesn't matter how low the rpms go in a corner, just give it the gas when you leave the corner, and it will go (quickly!). Oh yeah, and the transmissions never break. haha.

The Ktm RFS transmission stresses can be solved with a KTM cush hub. Mine was ~$400 with rim and spokes.

Is there any disadvantage to this setup if you're riding in the dirt? I.e. is there any reason not to just buy a whole new wheel with a cush hub and then sell the stock wheel?

Why don't the manufacturers use cush hubs as OEM equipment? Just because of the extra weight?

How reliable is the 525exc?

The rubber cush hub is heavier and in the dirt with constant pounding the rubber turns into dust. I had a XR500L way back when dirt was made that I thrashed the cush rubber. I wouldn't want a race bike with a cush hub inless I was supermotard. What a crazy way to fix a dirt bikes tranny...put a street hub on it. It sure would be less stress on the gears. It would be nice if the gears were made better. Cast gears machined and then hard faced. Forged, heat treated gears would cost to much I guess.

I am a big fan of the KTM failure = incorrect chain tension theory. At least for off-road bike failures...motard is another story.

For sure the chain on the KTM has to be set way way way way loose. It looks like for sure its gonna come off. If ya dont sit on the seat and then adjust it, its really difficult to get it right.

Running the XR's with a chain to tight will also do some some serious damage...

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