Buying used YZ or WR 426 comparison TIPS?

I'm looking to buy a used Yamaha 426/450 and want advice. I'm dual sporting this bike just to be street legal, but it'll be primarily a dirt bike. Comparing WR and YZ's tranmissions. Is there really that much difference. I'm sure they'll both pull my big arse around. I don't ride like a flying demon. I'll be scrambling pipelines and woods. Looked at lots of bikes so far, and found a nice 01 YZ426F already all fixed up for 3K. What I want to know, is a WR that much different that I should hold out for one over a nice YZ? The amount of YZ's to WR's for sale is about 5 to 1, so there's not that many WR's in my area to look at.

my "opinion"? Get the YZ. If nothing else it is a lighter bike and you will appreciate that at the end of the day.

Get a 01 yz and up. You can put lights on the yz.

If you are going to do any street riding, save yourself the hastle of installing lights and a starter and get a WR. Wide Ratio makes a huge difference on the street.

I've been looking at a nice 01 YZ426F that's already been dual sported for 3K. It's been ridden less than 1000 miles. 200 since the kit. Good looking bike, but I can't seem to bring myself to commit. Need advice right away so I can make a decision.

If it is allready done up and in good condition and is a good price, WTH are you waiting for?

You want the five speed.

id go with the wr, you will want that wide ratio when youre on the streets, plus its good in the woods

Comparing WR and YZ's tranmissions. Is there really that much difference.[/color][/b]

Huge difference in the respective transmissions.

First gear on the WR would be at home on your average tractor, YZ first is a whopping 31% taller. This is a huge advantage for the WR on any tight trail, the WR can engine brake and find traction in conditions where the YZ cooks its back brake and wears out its clutch.

Up top, for the 426/400 the WR is going to be 12% faster w/ the same final gearing, but nearly 20% taller than the 450's 4th gear.

No amount of sprocket changing can turn one bike into the other in this respect so I think it is the most important consideration.

Also, 450 or 426 the WR is a pig relative to the YZ, probably a 20 lb. difference depending on setup etc. for any model year, but keep in mind that about a third of these pounds can be easily shed, esp. on the 426 which has no battery or starter. Of course the YZ 450 is much lighter than a 426, I think the WR 450 is w/in a few lbs. of the WR 426 despite the battery and starter. Lots of other improvements to the 450, get one if you can afford it.

Hope this helps.

the wr first gear is lower, and 5th gear is higher. much better on the street. You will like the lighting coil, starter, kickstand, radiator catch can, etc. The WR can be made into an MX bike much more easily than a YZ can be made into a street bike (much cheaper too)

I passed on the 01 YZ. It was already dual sported, but I'm going to hold out for a like new 04 WR450F. That YZ's at Barnhart Yamaha in Pa. if anyone's interested.

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