Z-start questoin

I purchased a new z-start today and am planning on putting it on tomorrow. In reading the instructions (#7) it states that I should take one of the Rekluse drive plates and put it under the top friction disk. Is this right to have two steel drive plates together? Will this not make the clutch slip? Oh yes I'm installing this on my 01 WR426. Any one experience I could use your advice. I would call Rekluse but there is no one there now or tomorrow. HELP!!

KB :cry:

Yep, I had the same question when I did mine, called and they said it was correct. I haven't had any complaints/problems in the year I've been running it......

So you are completly happy with it and are there any setup items that I need to be aware of?

He's right. The two steel drive plates go back to back, they are geared together, so they can't slip.

As for setup, I would recommend the light spring for starters, and when setting up the install gap, make sure to follow their recommendation to use TWO feeler guages and get the gap right the first time. I would think you would rather have it at the tight end of the range vice the loose end, then if it breaks in a little, you won't have to go in and change anything.

Enjoy! The rest of us converts do! :cry:

Yep, I wouldn't go back....it's like cheating. I almost got the holeshot with it my 1st GP(after a 5year hiatus). We had to straddle the front wheel, engine running. Swing around and jump on when the green flag waved.....I put her in 2nd just before the flag and would have had the holeshot if I'd practiced a little :cry:

Like Oldbones said, use 2 feelers and set it towards the tight side.....


Thanks all!! I now have it installed and will be trying it out in the desert tomorrow. So far I think that it will be a blast. I'll tell you what, with customer service I received from Rekluse I'd buy again. I called Danny on Thanksgiving morning and he was nothing but helpful. Excellent product and service.

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