What did you pay for your 05 WR450F?

I just purchased (pick it up next week) my 05 WR450F and am wondering what others paid for it.

I paid $6,300 no Freight or Setup

plus tax :cry::cry:

I got mine for much less. $6,299. lol :cry:

I got mine for much less. $6,299. lol :cry:

The $1 you saved will by a 1/2 gallon of cheap gas :cry:

$6300 o.t.d.

There's a deal! :cry:

Thata a great deal. I live in Las Vegas, NV. I just bought an o5 yesterday and payed $7400 OTD.

$6045.00 OTD including 5% Virginia sales tax, freight, setup and processing fees. Awesome bike, had a 2002 WR426 and 1998 WR400 before this. Enjoyed the previous 2 bikes with no problems, I don't see how Yamaha can improve the 2005 (I said the same thing about the 1998).

I feel like I got ripped, but the suggested selling price is $6599. So I figured 10% over that would cover all the B.S.. Did I figure wrong? Oh well, I guess I will just forget about it and enjoy the ride.

Try the UK prices, £4600 road registered for a 2004 model

I think they are all good deals if you are happy with the bike. For the guy that paid $6045 including 5% tax...how did you get that. The cost on the bike for the dealer is around $5600. That plus 5% (tax) = $5,880, not accounting for any freight (the bike had to get there some how) or profit.

Sounds like you found a dealer that is working as a volunteer or you are dating his daughter :cry:

The dealer had a 1 day sales event that was cost plus tax and fees on bikes, 25% off parts and accessories. I was there at the right time. I will buy my next bike ('05 YZ250F) from him in February.

:cry: The dealer cost is really $5600.00 Let me know. Im looking to purchase with a trade. I want working room. :cry:

anyone know the dealer cost on on th eyz450 also?

I know the cost on a 04 (dealer cost) WR450 was right at 5447.00 the 05 is about 200 more (list price) so I assume the cost went up roughtly about 160 or so.

Ok, MSRP is $6599, they usually add on several extra hundred dollars. I have never paid the freight/shipping on any new bike/quad I've bought except on Hondas (no dealer would deal with me otherwise) then figure tax and license. So it apprears many of you got a killer deal. I bought a new 04 in September from Canada for $5399, add $200 for delivery, then $527 for sales tax road plate/tags. MSRP for the 04 was $6499, so I feel good about my purchase

Toyota, they either got killer deals or somebody is embelishing the truth! Buddy of mine paid $6295.00 OTD and that was still a good deal.

Seeing what you guys paid let's just say I got reamed in the arss! :cry:

Hi, I'm the one who paid $6045.00 OTD in northern Virginia. This was on a day that the dealer had a sale on bikes, quads and parts. The '05 WR450 arrived at his store earlier in the week. I consider myself fortunate not so much for the price but for the opportunity to get a bike that has been hard to get due to limited production and high demand. Prior years for the WR have had the same situation. I've heard many guys say "I wish I had one of those but the dealer won't get anymore til next year". Be thankful you have one, if you're not thankful now you will be next summer when none are available and you're riding the bike that many guys wish they had.

I don't see how Yamaha can improve the 2005 (I said the same thing about the 1998).

Aluminum frame is the only thing left.

Abernathy's in TN has them otd for $5,699. I bought my '04 from them around last Christmas for $5,599 otd, what they list is the full price.


We'll be getting a WR250F for $5,099 for my daughter after we sell her Z400....quads are just to dangerous.


P.S. They have a left over '03 YZ125 for $2,899.

Edited....I was wrong. I pulled my receipt after looking at all of your posts and found I actually paid $5,650. The invoice shows no extra fees at all.

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