What did you pay for your 05 WR450F?

Sounds like a smokin deal...but their web site says "price does not include freight and prep, taxes etc. Many dealers add $500 for the Freigh and set up....if you can get it without that, its a steel. Not sure why they would do that, unless they are not in business to make any money. :cry:

We have a Dodge dealer that does something similar. They can sell at invoice and still make money due to a manufacturer's bonus at the end of the year. Plus look at the parts and accessories you'll have to buy....


I payed 6999.00 out the door.

La Yamaha In Marina Delrey Will Do 6999.00 Out The Door.

Thata a great deal. I live in Las Vegas, NV. I just bought an o5 yesterday and payed $7400 OTD.

I live in Vegas and found that the dealers were not too willing to budge. I have to put in a good word for Tony at Walt's in Havasu. I called him, talked for five minutes and jumped in the truck. Got there, they were awesomely helpful, paprework wsa done in 5 minutes and I was gone in 20 minutes. $6200 O.T.D.

WRide on! :cry:

I paid 7300 otd, but got a 300 gift cert for accessories... I'm in Colorado...

anyone know the dealer cost on on th eyz450 also?

Dealer cost is about 10% less. SO if its a $6499 MSRP, subtract about $649.90, now if they get you the freight/setup...

anyone know the dealer cost on on th eyz450 also?

Also for $9.95, you can buy the actual dealer cost on a bike. In fact, its run by a guy in Oregon, I bought my last WR426F from him. His website is http://www.cyclebuy.com

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