is this normal???

:cry: i've got a brand new 04 wr450 with only 91 miles on it, and the other day i started it...after only 20 seconds the pipe was GLOWING bright red!!! is this normal???

Yes normal a lot of people have asked the same question including me but yes they run very hot I lost a pair of pants real quick with my white bros.header.

Yes, normal, now with some throttle under load, it wont glow. Running down the trial under a load will cool it down, but its still short of glowing red. My 426 did it, the new 450 does it. I also have a new 04WR450F with about 90 miles on it also! :cry:

I don't know about you guys, but mine won't glow "bright red" after only 20 seconds...

Are you sure it isn't running lean on the bottom?

I have a 225 and it does the same thing, bright red glow when it warms up to operaring temperature.

Mine does the same thing (05 WR450). A mechanic said it was because the pipe was made of Titanium. It's fine though a couple hundred miles later. I haven't noticed it as bright lately.

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