can anyone help

Bought a new WR450F after a short time discovered that the subframe is not aligned to the rear wheel shifted to the right hand side, consequently, I feel that the byce shifts to the rigt side when I take off my hands from the handlebar, no crash made . tell me what to do . :cry::cry: thanks for the reply.

First I'd put it on a chassis jig and if it is bent take it back to yamaha. Just remember these bikes don't track very well with no hands on the bars, especially at lower speeds.

Thank you very much for the advice, I guess there is nothing wrong with the chassis , but I could be obssessed with the idea of constant shifting , the subframe is very noticable , but I guess Yamaha will not manufacture a brand new byce with such major defect, I hope so. Thank again

Could it be that the marks for the rear wheel are not real accurate so when you adjust the chain and say put both sides on mark 4 one said is further back from the centre of the swing arm mounting bolt than the other.?I run a tape measure from the centre of the axle to the centre of the swing arm bolt before tightening and always find a small difference on mine.I know there a kit that makes this easier,it got a rod with measurments on it and a slide .

Make yourself a tool to measure from the center of the swingarm bolt to the center of the axle bolt and use it everytime you adjust the chain.Check both sides carfully. A misaligned rear wheel will make the bike track sideways and cause you to do unintentional whips even off of small jumps. You can't always trust the alignment marks at the adjusters. WR Dave.

The rear fender/subframe on my 04 wr450 looks tweeked to the right too. I tried loosening the mounts and realigning it, helped some but still not totally straight. I saw another post about this problem, I think they filed the lower mounting hole on the subframe to get it straight.

BTW, this bike came out of the crate like this, no crash damage.

Thank you all for the advice I guess I will do the accurate measuring of the back wheel & forget about the actual alignment marks & will keep you posted guys, have a nice ride you all.

I think all the new ones in the showroom looked tweaked as well. Maybe there was a slight frame design flaw that no one at the factory noticed. All I know is that when mine was new it looked like it had been crached as well. I went down to look at others and they all come that way from the factory. :cry:

Thanks again , but do you have a titlting feeling when driving , i.e does your byce is slightly inclined to the right side, what happens when you take your hands off from the handelbar, does the byce go straight or shifts to the right side too. :cry::cry:

No the bike runs perfectly straight and the bike feels balanced. it is just the rear sub frame that gives it that look. Not a performance issue. :cry:

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