WR426 Gearing (again)

Ok lost the post in the rebuild!!

Mine is for Road use (been converted to a supermoto so it has 17 inch rubber on it), at the moment the gearing is 14-40, not had much of a chance to get out of late and try it out (bought it a few weeks ago)

Whats the best gearing for the road....wanna be able to do maybe 100mph but cruise at 70-80mph so as to not stress the old block.

Ta chaps. :cry:

i'd go 15 up front and see how that goes. Whats it good for on the limiter in top with your current gearing?

Dunno really till I get a proper speedo fitted!

I'm kinda hoping someone will have a sorted one out there somewhere!

not many ppl in this forum have motard wheels. If you measure the rolling diameter of the rear wheel you can work it out using the gear ratios in the workshop manual

Been using a 14/42 set up on a 01-426 with 17"wheels and its not to bad,but to crack the ton comfortably with this gearing is maybe askin a bit much,how ever a 14/40 i would think will manage it ok,but you will find that lower down throttle response will suffer due to the taller gearing,and the clutch will need to be used a little more often to lift the front(as you do :cry: ),and make the motor work a tad harder low down on tall gearing,but you will not be far off the mark with a 14/40 set up,take it oot for a blast an see how it feels! :cry::cry:

Cool I'll get a new chain and sprocket set, 14/42.

Ta :cry:

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