XR650R - Hotcam stage 2

Whats up guys?

I just got a Hotcam for my bike (XR650R). I got the stage 2. I'm having "prior installation doubts" Isn't this too agressive if I'm keeping the stock piston?. What do you think? Please helpe me out.

Happy thanksgiving.


Did you ever install your Stage 2 hotcam? If so, how do you like it? Did you retain your stock piston and drive train? I have one coming and have the same concerns. I would appreciated any input you may have. You can PM me at adamwz@yahoo.com

Thanks, Adam

Since early december I'm running with the stage 2 Hot Cam. Piston and drive train is stock. The autodecomp must be removed when the hotcam is installed.

With the hot cam I can hold the gears on lower revs, in other words I feel a llittle extra torque. For instance; with the stock cam on a sand wash I had to down shift from 3rd to 2nd, with the HC I can hold 3rd gear and sometimes upshift to 4th. Therefore I'm getting a little extra mpg

If you don't already have the 68 jet, get it. You'll need it to get rid of a little cough at idling on 1st gear.

Hope this helps!

I currently run a stage 1 and I like it. I'm going to be trying a stage 2 later this year with the stock piston. I don't have any reliability concerns, but a higher compression piston should compliment the fun factor :)

My only concern with a higher comp piston is how well my local pump fuel will work with it. I don't want to any special fuel requirements for this particular bike since it will be ridden on the street and filled from the pump.

This is a concern of mine as well. The best pump octane we can get is 94. I hope that this is sufficient for an 11:1 piston. I wouldn't be hard to put one in while I am installing the cam. I think it would be a worthwhile mod at that stage. I am looking forward to this project.

A frind of mine took his brand new bike to Precision Concepts, they installed the HRC kit (piston, chain, cam, cam sprocket...), suspension, airbox, T4... At PC they told him to run only high octane like VP C12 (expensive). Then in december for some carb issues he took his bike to Barnum for the edelbrock, there Rob talk him into turn it 680(I had the idea that the HRC kit was a big bore ans so does he). He was like "It has the HRC isn't 680 already?" It turns out the HRC is the high comp piston, hence the use of high octane. Rob put again a 10:1 piston and he can run pump gas again

But his bike really sound cool (brop brop) with the high comp, like a trophy truck!!!

Thanks for the heads up. There is no way I want to perform any mods that won't allow me to gas up on the go. A dual sport on race gas just doesn't make sense. :)

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