YZ 450 Cylinder head.......

Awhile back I had a Cam Bearing Failure on my 03 YZ-450....with a little

backyard know how I managed to get it repaired.....Well after a dozen or so rides I have decided to tear into the thing and do a better fix.....Have any of you guys had any experiance with rebuilding the head (cam area included)

on your bike? Let me know if you had to replace it or what...

Thanks , BC :cry:

Sorry, I had to send mine out to be repaired when it dropped a valve. I never had that problem on my 426, But my 200 had roller bearings so that was diffrent.

look into getting a 05 450 head i think it has been updated .

BC, as you know I galled the cams on my '03 2 years ago. EDCO welded up the journals and linebored them to tolerance. Very happy with the results. Tdub

Thanks for the info, I talked with Mike and got all the details.....His shop is just over the hill from my place......COOL. :cry:

BC :cry:

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