XR 650 motor on XR 600

Does anybody know where I can buy a Xr 600 or 650 motor new? I am not sure if the Xr 650 motor will fit my 89 Xr 600 frame, but if it would, I would like to put that motor on my chassis. My mecahnic dosen't want to rebuild my 600 motor, he said it is too expensive: $2000.00! I really want this bike back, but I have to find a way to get it fixed. I would like to just buy a complete new motor and bolt it on and go, it that was possible.Any suggestions?

look on ebay

Keep an eye on Ebay. It is still a crap shoot - you may be buying somebody's junk.

Part out the bike and buy another.

IT's too good of a bike to part out though, I really like this bike, that's why i'm fixing it.

I picked up a nice 98 xr600 for 1600.00. Less than your repair bill. I would look for a used xr you can test ride and swap the engine. Good luck. My .02 worth.

Sevice Honda has new XR600 engines that cost about as much as your mechanic's rediculous quote.

Used 600R and 650L engines that are supposedly in good shape seem to go for around $600-700 on Ebay. Keep in mind a 650L has electric start and no kick lever, so you'd at least have to put your flywheel, sidecovers, and kick shaft/lever on the newer engine. Or rebuild it yourself for the same dough.

How do I get a hold of Service Honda?

HeadTrauma, Did you notice a big difference in power when you put your yoshi pipe on?

Here is the direct link to Service Honda's engine page. I was a little off on the price of an XR600 engine, but not much. ~$2500 for a new one. If you're willing to spend more than 1000 to fix your bike, you might as well buy another whole one just for the engine. That or find a more reasonable shop.

Unfortunately, I bought my bike with the Yoshi header and muff so I can't compare it to stock. It seems to have good mid and top and It sounds hella good. :cry:

Try www.thumper-racing.net and click on "catalog" then "XR600R". This is the route I'm going on my 600

There is a brand new 650L motor on ebay right now!

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