half choked to death

hey guys, i have a 94 xr 600 , my first honda. i really like it as i am a former dr350 dude(never again, hardest starting pig in the world!!!). anyhow my bike won't run with the choke off. runs great at half choke. any ideas where to start on fixin' er ? thanks chris :cry:

Idle set right,Are you sure you moving the choke lever to the rear of the bike to turn off choke?????????

hey, thanks for reply. i am flipping the lever up? right way wrong way? don't know which is full choke or which is open w/o pulling carb.

When the end of the choke lever points at the front tire that is the setting to start your bike. When the end of the lever is pointing straight down at the ground that is the setting for the bike to run after it has warmed up. :cry:

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