Skid plates

Well I'm trying to decide what skid plate to get for the BRP??/

Either the Utah Sport or the Pro Armor Plate....

Any ideas or personal experiance.. :cry:

That Pro Armour plate looks cool.

I have tried the Utah and the SRC and now i have some custom deal from the UK.

NONE of them cover the water pump the way it needs to be covered IMHO.

For the dez get the cheapest one--Utah. For the serious woods maybe the SRC is the answer.

But that Pro Armour looks cool.

I think I'll go with Pro Armour,I like the bolt up plates... :cry:

I'm concernd that the the clamps on the others would be kinda a pain also i wonder if the clamps might dig into the frame rails???...

I have the Pro Armor on one of my BRP's. I went with it because of the same concerns about the clamps digging into the frame over time. Overall, I'm happy with the plate, and think it's the best thing you can get easily in the US. However, I did have to modify the plate a bit. First, Pro Armor provides you with two spacers, and their 'engrish' manual doesn't specify which two mounting holes to use them on. I called them up, and it took them twenty minutes to figure out where they went (the tech guy had never read the manual before). Then, with the spacers on the bottom of the frame (not on the downtubes) it didn't fit right, so I went back to having them on the downtube. Eventually I plan on adding some washers on the bottom and longer bolts all around to move the plate away from the frame to prevent rubbing, or at least install some foam like the stocker. Second, if you use the BillyWho manfunnel, it won't fit with the plate because of the wings. So, with some creative use of an angle-grinder, I finally removed just enough aluminum to fit it.

On a side note, for the second BRP, I'm trying to buy the Wipps plate. First, it looks like it's made better, by people who know what they are doing. Second, it's rounded, and I've heard the sound deflection off of the plate to the rider is minimized greatly (the Pro-Armor does increase noise from the engine a decent amount). However, they are from Australia, so getting them here is hard.

I would think that any aluminum plate would make sounds more noticible..

That Whipps plate has a bad review at 4

Once again I'm gonna fall for the Pro Armour plate :cry:

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