Need Help-Throttle cable

I just changed out a broken throttle cable on my 02 426. I think I did everything right, but there are 2 problems: 1. the throttle doesn't return by itself, it seems to stick even after adjustment 2. my bike wouldn't start and kept backfiring when i was releasing compression. I think by twisting the throttle to try to get the adjustment/return corrected, I may have flooded the bike. I don't want to dig this hole deeper. Any suggestions??

Unhook the cables and make sure the carb operates smoothly by it's self. Assuming it does make sure that the cable operates smoothly when not on the carb, if it doesn't you have a problem with the throttle tube. Assuming the carb operates smoothly and the throttle tube operates smoothly make sure when you put it together the cables are snug but not overly tight. Hope this helps. Don't even try to start the bike if the throttle is not working correctly.

loosen the rear cable (return) on the throttle assy (handle bar) adjust front cable ( pull ) so that you have some play and the throttle will close by itself..

now adjust the rear cable (rerturn ) so that the throttle will just return by

itself, no tighter....thats how you adjust the cables...if you still have a problem

make sure the throttle tube isn't pushed onto the bar too far and rubbing inside

causing the throttle to hang-up.....

BC :cry:

Did you route the cables correctly? To un-flood the bike just pull the decompression lever and kick it 20 times.

Thank You!!! I'm going to check it out in the AM and I will report back.

All is well, got the throttle cable adjusted out to the park and it wouldn't start, but taking out and cleaning the plug fixed her right up.

Thank you for your help!!!!!

Glad we could help!

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