Rear Shock Spring 5.4kg for 205lbs Right?

Rear Shock Spring 5.4kg is the right one for for 205lbs Right? Am I correct?

I was also going to put in .48kg fork springs?

Depends on what type of riding you do.....I am the same weight but ride in the woods and a little moto and the stock works great for me with a little more oil in the front and a few clicks in on the compression out back.

all mx

In my 03 450 I have .47's in the front and a 5.6 in the back.

I weigh 210.

On my '03 450, I use .48s in the front, and a 5.8 in the rear. I weigh about 200 in gear. The sag sets up perfect with this setup.

my '03 YZ450F .48 in front and 5.5 in rear...I weigh around 195-200

Anyone who wants to know standard springs for thier weight should go to and check.

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