edelbrock carb source?

hey guys, :excuseme:is the quicksilver carb all it's cracked up to be? i've heard alot of good and a little bad. anyhow , who is a good online source? thanks chris

barnums is a good source, I dont have the website. Ther is always a guy selling them on ebay for like 340$.

The Edelbrock is worth every penny. I love it. Bought mine from Rob Barnum. :cry:

goto Rob Barnum. He helped design it, has the best price on it and is just a good guy all around www.barnumspro.com

get it from Barnum, you won't be sorry. He's a class act. :cry:

btw, the Edelbrock carb woke my bike up :cry: Instant throttle response from the second I blip the throttle, I gained 13mph on my topend speed and I've NEVEr made an adjustment from sea level all the way to 7000'

Buy from Barnum and he'll set it up for you and your altitude, all you have to do is bolt it on :cry:

Do they make one for the 650L? I went to the site and clicked on the picture of the carb and got nothing? :cry:

I am air frieghting my $20,000 XR680 Dakar bike to Spain in 2 weeks for the Dakar Rallye.

The bike has a edelbrock carb on it.

I dont think any XR650R has a chance of finishing the Dakar with the stock carb. Ever try clearing it our on the side of a 200' sand dune--when the bike is in the sand side. Impossible. That means one, and only one, chance of getting the bike bump-started in thick sand.

Thats one of about 15 scenarios i have run into when the 1-2 kick edelbrock makes a messed up situation and turns it into non-issue.

Dead engine race starts is another one. Adelanto Grand Prix--my 650R got the holeshot against e-start KTM 525's thanks to the pumper edelbrock!!!Try that with your Keihin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Worth its weight in 10kt gold!!!

The XR650R was the last over 250cc 4 stroke japan made without a pumper carb.

give rob a call and say goodbye to flooding, off idle hesitation, poor milage, hard starting, altitude adjustments, etc.

If Honda was in the serious off-road motorcycle industry (they aint) - then the 2002 or 03 or even 04 models would have had pumper carbs, bigger radiators, and a fixed footpeg...but thats another post!

From my experience with a Mikuni carb and my friend's experience with a Keihen carb, who you buy if from makes all the difference in the world. You want to buy a carb that is properly jetted for your motorcycle. Otherwise, you have to find the correct jets, but them and re-jet the carb.

If I were buying a Mikuni, I would buy from XR's Only.

For a Edlebrock, Barnums.

I have purchased from neither, but know each shop has sold many many of these carb and most new owners claim the carbs are jetted spot on. My friend's experience was his Kehein was sold to him with what ever jets happened to be lying around. Basically, the carb was as shipped from the factory and was not jetted for an XR400.

all to true.

just to clarify;

the edelbrock doesnt have 'jets' in the way we are used to in the mcycle world.

it has a big knob on the top of the carb--turn right for richer, left for leaner.

plus its so so so forgiving the bike runs well even if the carbs not 'dialed in' although for sure its worth the 3 minutes it takes to adjust the carb to get it spot on...the edelbrock is worlds ahead of the mikuni.

Man you guy's are making it hard to resist. I've been back & forth on this issue for a year+. Maybe Santa will get me one. One question, Does the carb come with cables, or do you have to buy them too? Thanks.

It comes with cables. Go ahead and get it you won't be sorry. :cry:

I've gone to the website, clicked on 'products', clicked on the Edelbrock carb icon, and nothing happens..... does one have to call in order to buy or find out the price... I'm pretty much sold...... gotta have one....

I called Barnum when I ordered mine.

I've gone to the website, clicked on 'products', clicked on the Edelbrock carb icon, and nothing happens..... does one have to call in order to buy or find out the price... I'm pretty much sold...... gotta have one....

That website is one of the worst I have seen. Links broken, links pointing to the wrong stuff, etc..

If you want to do business with them, better call them. Website design doesn't seem to be their greatest talent.

Barnumspro.com. Must call them or Email them. Denise is really good about getting back to you. Rob is a awsome down to earth guy that knows this bike better than anyone. This carb rocks I would never hesitate to recommend this carb to anyone. Get the side cover air mod he sells a kit for also. It is amazing how much more power this generates.

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