WR426 starting tricks?

I am buying an 01 426 and have heard from a few friends that they can be very tricky to start. Do any of you have any suggestions? What have been your experiences with kicking the thumper over?

proper jetting and they are easy to start, my 400 rarely takes more than three kicks and is usually going in two.

Once you know the chicken dance, its a snap. If its cold, throttle is about 5 times, then no more throttle after this. Now kick it down slowly till it hits the 12.5:1 compression stroke (you'll now it, feels like the cylinder was filled with concrete) and when it resit, pull the compression release, drop the kicker down about 2 inches, and then bring it all the way up and give it one kick with no throttle at all, compression release off. If its warm, same deal, just no 5 pumps of the throttle. If you spill it over and its flooded, pull the release and kick it over several times to blow out the extra fuel, then do the chicken dance again. If its hot, pull the hot choke (which is a lean circuit or extra air) but be sure to tap it in when it does statrt. Mine always took one kick, hot, cold or otherwise. I just sold it so I could have the magic button.

I am buying an 01 426 and have heard from a few friends that they can be very tricky to start. Do any of you have any suggestions? What have been your experiences with kicking the thumper over?

If the bike's been rejetted for an exhaust system or for a different elevation, be very wary of giving it any throttle at all. My '02 (Dr 'D' full system & rejetted) is a pain in the a$$ to start cold if I give it ANY throttle at all!

When it's cold, it's best to start with the lean procedure, pull the choke, no throttle and kick it a few times with the decomp lever pulled in. Then find TDC, pull the decomp lever in and push the kickstarter down about 1"-2". Then release, and kick through, no lever. These pumper carbs flood the cylinder VERY easily.

When it's hot, find TDC and kick. It should fire immediately. Once you figure it out, it's no problem at all, hot or cold.

Congrats on the purchase. You're gonna be STOKED! :cry:

just what toyota tech said, but without the throttle. Just pull the choke out if it's cold. If you have to touch the throttle it isnt tuned correctly. My 01 426 goes 1st or 2nd kick every time, even when cold. The only time I every have 'trouble' starting it is if it's been sitting for a month or more, and I put that down to stale fuel in the bowl, and even then it goes after 4-5 kicks. If you drop it, or your mate floods it by playing with the throttle just vent the cylinder like toyota tech said and then follow the normal drill.

"If you spill it over and its flooded, pull the release and kick it over several times to blow out the extra fuel"

Pull the release??

Where the hell is that?

He is talking about the compression release.

It's the little lever on the left hand side of the handle bar.

Don't worry it's not that hard to start once you learn the drill.

The only time I have had a hard time starting mine was when it stalled after a long water crossing.I have learned to pull both the hot start and choke in this instance.

Just make sure when you find the spot where you are ready to kick.

Give it a nice strong smooth kick,don't slap at it like a 2 stroke.

As you can see, everybody has their own tricks... what it means is that, once jetted properly (mine was just one size bigger on the pilot and main jet) you will learn how to start it, develop your own method and will love it. Mine always starts on first kick except when very cold. I worry why they installed an e-button on those bikes :cry:


If you have to remember one advise, and I think most of TT fellows will agree with me, in the doubt, start with lean procedures going richer instead of the opposite.

For example, if you don't know if the bike is cooled down and don't know if you should use the hot start, choke or throttle.... try to start using no throttle, no choke, and hot start. Then if it does not fire up after one or two kick, close the hot start, then if it does not fire up, add the choke, then if it still does not fire up, use the throttle before kicking... this way you will never flood the bike (which is the worse thing. After a couple of weeks you will know perfectly what is your bike's preferences :cry:

In cold weather I always twist the throttle a few times. Otherwise you may kick forever.

Hey thanks for all of the advice! I understand that there is a "getting to know what your lady likes" period, but all the suggestions will make finding her zone much easier.


I owned a YZ400 for a while and made the mistake of trying to start it MY way. Bruzd the bottom of my foot and almost sold the bike. After throttling just the right amount of gas (not much), gotta find the very top of the stroke with the kick start, and give it one hard kick. Do it by the book and it will start every time, assuming its jetted right....

Hey Fire24/7,Dual-Dog was dead on for starting that beast here at 4500 EL.If your jetting is correct,plug is good,that baby should fire in one or two kicks.I very seldom use the hot start (red button on carb).

I very seldom use the hot start (red button on carb).

Me too . The first atempt after dropping my bike on the trail, it never starts.

I always wondered if I used the hot start for that first kick ,if it would have started. Never pull it for the second atempt cause I know it will start and always does.

One time after sucking water into vent hoses on a long water crossing. I kicked the WR for what seemed forever.I started trying different settings like just hot start just choke and what worked was pulling both,go figure eh.

So the next time this happened I tried pulling both again, fired up first kick.

I really have to run those vents to the airbox.

Oh yes one other thing about starting a WR. Don't try starting it with running shoes on.

I have 02 wr 426 I too was scared about the starting drill.But it not as bad as it seems I don't even notice that I do it anymore.I can start while in motion or rolling.What Iam trying to say is it is know different than starting any two-smoke a lot of those have things you have to do.Just make sure you kick the four stroke all the way through you will be fine.

One other thing that doesn't get mentioned much is whenever you park the bike for the day/week/whatever it is a good idea to kick it up to the TDC (filled with cement ) part of the cycle and leave it there. I do this so that all the valves are closed when the engine is not being used, lessening the chance of a hung valve and its easier on the valve springs. It's such a habit with me that I even set the engine to TDC every time we stop to regroup when out riding. My 02--WR Dave. :cry:

Bought the bike and put a new plug in with some new gas... started up after 10 or so kicks. After the initial rumble it started on the first kick every time. Thanks alot for all the suggestions they came in very handy.

Nothin' like some fresh go juice and a new plug to get that bangin' started in a hurry. Wham bam, thank you ma'am!

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