Which Pipe/Silencer?

Any suggestions for an 04 WR450.

:cry: Real happy with my WB E2, Track and trail.


I had an FMF Powercore 4 on my 04 wr450. The bike was an absolute weapon, with instant throttle response. The downside was that it was VERY loud. For track work, it wouldn't be an issue, but I plan mainly to ride on trails and enduro tracks.

I have now resorted back to the stock pipe and will look at modifying it, as per another post on this board.



Sydney, Australia.

akrapovic, best in the world


Another vote for the FMF PowerCore IV with the FMF Powerbomb header. :cry:

I like the PMB (Pro Moto Billet) insert and the stock pipe, it was tested for Db's and was 0.5 db below the limit by a ranger at Stonyford (You know the long hair hippy ranger guy) and still has ok power.

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