Free Mods Info ?

I bought a 05 yesterday and really need to fix the throttle stop and uncork it. Where do I get the info to do this?

Thanks for any input.

I just did the mods yesterday after buying it the day before and all the mods were very easy. First take the allen bolts off the exhaust tip and remove then take off the 4 allen bolts holding the tip on remove the tip and replace all remaining parts to the way you found them. Second on the right side of your bike locate your throttle lines, right behing the Ait injection system(small brass assembly with hoses attached), if you look right behind it there is where the throttle stop is, you will see a cover no need to remove put hand neer tthe rear spring and next to the throttle assembly and on the left side of it is the throotle stop(allen bolt) going into the assembly it is black remove it ans cut or grind it down to a spec somewhere else on this forum I cut mine 1/4 inch grease end after cut and replace. Third remove the gas tank, very easy, and in front of where the gas tank was there is a black box follow the lines out and under where the tank was there will be 6 wires in a connecter connecting to another connecter, find the gray wire. At this point you can cut the gray wire but what I did was to push the male side connector out of the connecter assembly and electrical tape it up reconnect the connectors and replace gas tank and your done. Next go buy a JD jet kit and install to specs and you now own onme hell of a machine. I haven't done the jet kit yet but soon will and also buy a adjustablr fuel screw you will need it. :cry:

Thanks for the info purluv. I am going to get it done today. Can't wait to feel the differance. I road the bike up and down the street and it is a dog all plugged up and detuned.

I just did the free mods on my 05. Removed rear baffle, disconected grey wire and cut 8 mm off the throttle stop screw.

The results are night and day. this thing rips. :cry:

Well, now that I have this WR running the way it is ment to, I have a 2000 KX250 for sale. Engine built by Tom Morgan Racing (now a 327), extra rear wheel with paddle. IMS Dessert tank, Scotts steering stabalizer, pro tapper bars, FMF SST exhaust + Pro Ciruit exhaust, 18" Excel rear wheel.

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