I love it!!!!!

I just went for the first ride on the new gearing today!!!!! I only changed the front sprocket I still need to do the rear but I love it. I Have a 2002 Xr650L and changed the front to a 14 from a 15 and it is great!!!! I now have a lot more confidance in the bike. I went slow in first up and down several steep hills and soft sand close to my home here and it did great compaired to what it had done before. Let me know if you have a better setup. :cry:

Off road mostly 14/48

On road /off road 15/48

On road mostly 15/45

Dirt: 14/47

Street: 14/45

Im planing on getting a 13 tooth for the dirt. :cry:

I run 13/50 on my 650r. I love it. It will still do around 80 mph. Plenty fast around this area.

I had 13/48 on my 600R and I actually geared up on the front to a 14. The 13 has tons of pull and is great for the slow stuff, but I was just running out of gear on higher speed areas.

A lot will depend on the type of tires and rear tire size you're using. I use the stock gearing 15-45 for street and 14-45 for dirt with a 120/90-18 Dunlop D-606 out back and a Pirelli MT-18 HD up front. I'm pretty heavy on the clutch which is why I haven't felt the need to use lower gearing for dirt on my BFP. I just use my WRF instead. :cry:

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